My Baby Girl~ (Part 1)

Gender: Male and Female

Relationship: Yes

What type: BxG

Requested: No

Warnings: Ageplay, Diapers, Daddy kink, Peeing and pooping selves.

Backstory: Emily had been a bad girl lately, wetting the bed the 3rd time that week, and Jack had the perfect punishment for her, She knew it anyway as Jack had told her before that if she was naughty then she was gonna get it, so did she maybe act bad on purpose?… Well, we’re about to find out, this is the results.

(This is gonna be a long chapter sorry XD So sit back and enjoy the ride.)


Emily was sleeping in bed right now, Jack had gone out to the shops and had just come back, had gotten some supplies for the both of them, Emily woke up slowly hearing the front door open and close, she hummed and moved around a bit before stopping, freezing, feeling something, she slowly moved her hand down to the front of her crotch and realized.

She had wet the bed.


Normally like the first few times she had done it, she knew she should be upset but right now she was secretly excited, she knew what her punishment was and was hoping she would wet herself, she then heard who she was guessing Jack coming up the stairs and quickly closed her eyes again, pretending she was sleep, trying her best not to smile as Jack slowly opened the door and walked in, shutting it behind him, he had brought in a bag and then walking past the bed, putting it in the closet as he then walked back over to Emily’s side of the bed and crouched down next to her face, shaking her shoulder lightly “Emily~ Emily Baby wake up~” as To which Emily slowly opened her eyes, pretending to me just waking up and she smiled sleepily at him “Hi~..” as Jack chuckled and smiled, pressing a kiss to her lips before pulling back “Now, Did someone wet themselves again last night~?” and he slipped a hand under the blanket and down her front as Emily bit her lip, loving when he checked himself as then Jack got a sudden smirk on his face “Oh no, Looks like someone did~” and he moved along her crotch and then thighs, her having shorts on so her thighs were wet too “That’s the third time this week love, you know what that means~” They had never actually done it before and Emily and Jack were both quite excited as Emily fake pouted “Oh no~” Before Jack chuckled and stood up “Come on love, let’s get you cleaned up~” and Emily got out of bed, getting up, revealing her wet shorts as she giggled, Jack chuckled and kissed her head before walking into the bathroom with her, Jack already knew this was going to happen and had set up the bathroom “Lay down on the towel love~” as Which Emily nodded and giggled as she got down to the floor, laying down on the towel as Jack grabbed the bag and walked in, getting on his knees infront of her “Bad girl you’ve been~” as Emily bit her lip watching as Jack then suddenly got diapers out of the bag and smirked “You know what that means~” Before also getting out baby powder and baby wipes “I don’t want my baby girl to get a rash now do we~” As Emily giggled and shook her head As Jack also got some pull up nighties as he set them to the side inside the cabinet. Jack then moved infront of her again and smirked as he then started to pull down her drenched shorts “You pee’d alot didn’t you~?” as he then got off her underwear and put it in the tub before looking to her shirt and chuckling, the ends being a little wet too “Wow, even your shirt got wet, you must have drank alot before bed~” and he winked at her, making Emily blush more and giggle again as Then Jack grabbed some baby wiped and started to wipe her clean, over her thighs and her privates and stomach before putting some baby powder on her and then grabbing a diaper “Up.” Emily then lifting her butt up as Jack slid the diaper under and then pulled the front over, starting to tape up the side and then it all together “All done~” And then smiled, putting the stuff away before then picking Emily up, putting her on his hip as she smiled, He then walked out and to the bedroom, placing her on the end of the bed and crouched down infront of her “Now there are rules that you will obey or be punished~” As Emily blushed but nodded making Jack smirk as he started to explain the rules “1. For all time until this is over and your bedwetting has stopped you will call me daddy not Jack. 2. You will not use the toilet, your diaper is now your toilet and the bathroom is out of bounds unless for baths. 3. When we go out you will still wear diapers, there are no excuses. 4. You will only use baby talk and no big words. 5. You will always either crawl or be carried by me, no standing. 6. You will not ask to be changed otherwise you will be punished, you will only be changed when Daddy says so. And 7. of course, if you disobey me, you will be punished, does that sound good baby girl~?” Jack said. As Emily nodded and smiled, Jack chuckled and then picked her up “Let’s get you something to eat.” and then started to walk downstairs with her in his arms.

( That’s how whenever it says he carried her that’s what it looks like.)

Jack carried Emily downstairs and walking into the kitchen, once getting there Jack placed Emily on the bench “I Don’t have a high chair for you yet so i’ll just feed you from the bench and sometimes, if you’re being good i’ll let you sit on a grown ups chair okay?” Jack said. As Emily giggled and nodded “Yes Daddy~” Jack blushed lightly but smirked, loving the nickname already as he then grabbed a bottle with milk in it, putting it in the microwave to quickly heat up, he waited a few moments before hearing the beep and grabbing it, closing the microwave door, he tested to make sure it was warm enough before then walking back to Emily “I’ll let you be a big girl while i get you your food, can you do that for me~?” Which Emily nodded and smiled, Jack giving her the bottle, Emily grabbed it and then instantly started to drink from the dummy, humming softly as then Jack Made her some pancakes.

Emily quickly finished her milk and soon Jack put down a plate of pancakes next to her, with maple syrup and strawberries “Your favorite baby~” As Emily smiled more and Jack smiled, grabbing a fork “Open wide~” and then started to feed her, them both smiling brightly, knowing they were both going to have alot of fun with this. (I really just right now want to end it there because it’s so perfect but i’m going to do more XD)

They were now sitting on the couch, just watching a movie that happened to be on, Jack had given her a dummy (Pacifier, Binky etc.) to suck on, which she really enjoyed. Emily was sitting on Jack’s lap, her back facing his chest before she then suddenly started to wriggle slightly, not saying anything at first as Jack raised an eyebrow and watched her. About ten minutes later Emily suddenly let out a whine and turned sideways in Jack’s lap, looking to him, opening her mouth to talk as her Binky fell out of her mouth “Daddy i need to go wee wee’s~!” as she instantly jammed her hands into her crotch, whimpering more as Jack only chuckled and pulled her close “Did you forget what you were wearing~?” as he grabbed her Dummy again “Just go wee wee’s on Daddy, it’ll make you feel better~” Jack said. Emily blushed lightly, she had always wanted to do this as she then turned so her back was against his chest, Jack moved her so she was sitting exactly on his crotch, Jack put the binky back in Emily’s mouth, Emily sucked on the Binky as she spread her legs, knowing that would cause more pleasure. It took a moment before a hissing sound could be heard and Emily hummed, leaning back into Jack, Emily sucking on the pacifier as she kept peeing, her eyes closed and a slight smile on her face, Jack blushed feeling it through the diaper and on him as he rubbed her sides to relax her, as She leaned back into his chest, humming as then Jack moved his hand to the front of her diaper “Come on baby, wee thick for daddy~” Which then Emily pushed it out in a forceful stream, Jack feeling it against his hand. Finally about a minute later Emily’s pee slowly came to a dribble as Jack smiled and kissed the back of her head, knowing she would have to pee just as soon, her having a small bladder “Good girl~” as Emily giggled, sucking on her binky again, watching more of the movie as then Jack picked her up, then sitting her back down on the couch “Daddy’ll be right back, he’ll just get you more milk~” as Emily nodded and sat there, still watching the movie, About five minutes later Jack came back with the bottle and sat down, pulling Emily onto his lap sideways as he paused the movie. Emily looked at him with a pout as Then Jack moved her so she was laying along his lap, his arm holding her head up as he held her bridal like style, taking her binky away and then putting the bottle near her mouth “Open wide~” as to which Emily instantly opened her mouth and Jack started to feed her, Emily quickly sucking on the bottle which made Jack chuckle softly “Slow down baby, i don’t want you to spit up~” as Emily then slowed down, she soon finished her milk a few minutes later, Jack put the bottle to the side and then sat her back up, patting her back “Come on, Burp for daddy~” which Emily then let out a hiccup like burp and giggled which made Jack chuckle and smile “Good girl~” as He then set Emily up on his lap again and turned the movie back on, rubbing her sides lightly still.

Soon about 20 minutes later Emily let out a sudden whimper and turned sideways to face Jack as Jack frowned “What’s wrong baby~?” as Emily opened her mouth to let her pacifier drop again as she whimpered and squeezed her eyes shut before opening them again and looking to him “I-I N-Need to go poopy..” Emily said. Which made Jack smile and chuckle “Aww Baby girl, that’s fine, you can just use your diaper, do you need some help though?..” As to which Emily nodded and whimpered, Jack nodded and turned for her to face his front so she was now straddling him as she then looked to him “I need wee wee’s again as well..” as Jack nodded and smiled, giving her her binky and resting her head on his shoulder “Just push whenever you like and you can go okay? Daddy’s gonna help you relax okay~?” as To which Emily nodded but kept herself lifted slightly so she could poo as Jack reached up and stroked her hair lightly at first, the other rubbing her lower back “Go baby~” and then not more than a minute later a small hissing sound was heard, before she then whimpered and started to push, herself tensing and grunting slightly, her pee stopping. Jack moved his other hand down to her butt, rubbing in smooth circles to help push and relax her, the other hand still rubbing her back “You can do it baby come on, poop for daddy, then we’ll go clean you up~” as he then moved his hand to the small bump which he knew would be her poo “Come on, you can do it baby girl~” as he then felt it being pushed against his hand as Emily kept grunting and whimpering before she suddenly let out a sigh of relief and slight, moan like sound as then she instantly started peeing again, this time with more force as Jack smiled and kissed her forehead “Good job babygirl~” Emily then finishing a second later, pulling back with a blush “D-Did i do good Daddy?” as to which Jack nodded and smiled “You did great baby girl~” as Emily then whined “Can you change me now Daddy?” Emily said. As Jack then frowned and growled “Baby girl you heard what i said, you don’t ask to be changed or you will be punished, and for your punishment you have to sit in your dirty diaper for another hour~” Jack said. Which made Emily whine and pout, Jack chuckled and kissed her head ‘Rules are Rules darling~ Now why don’t you play on the ground with the toys i got you~” As Emily’s eyes lit up and she instantly cheered up, as she nodded, crawling down to the ground and crawling around on the floor, playing with her toys, her diaper sagging at the back as he smiled and chuckled, putting a random show on.

Soon not that much longer later on, probably about half an hour, Emily had been playing around before she suddenly stopped, still on all fours, her butt and back facing Jack but her still being sideways, she closed her eyes and let out a sigh of relief as then another hissing sound was heard and Jack smiled slightly, glad she was comfortable with it, Emily staying like that until she was finished, she giggled and then kept crawling, kept playing as then another half an hour went by and he stood up “Okay baby, time for a nappy change~” as to which Emily smiled and giggled, keeping her dummy in her mouth as she hummed and laid her head on his shoulder as he chuckled softly and walked upstairs, patting her sagging diaper lightly “My my did quite alot didn’t you~” and he walked into their room and to the bathroom, laying her down, he grabbing the stuff and was about to take off her diaper before she got out her dummy “Daddy Wait~!!” and he stopped, raising an eyebrow, she then grunted and closed her eyes, clenching her fists as she pushed and started weeing at the same time, before you could then hear a slight ‘plop’ noise as the hissing slowly came to a stop and Jack chuckled softly as Emily giggled “Done~!” and they Both new that in that moment there, they were going to have Alot of fun, and this was only one day, and they had to do this for a week, which they were both hoping would turn into longer and longer.

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