My Attitude As Of Late

I’m sure many of you users here who are regulars in the chat room have probably noticed a change in my attitude.  It has bordered the line of arrogant and just downright rude and nasty at times.  I’m not making this blog as an apology because that would make me a liar and we all know that lying is not my thing.  I am making this blog just to air my feelings because I don’t want to keep it bottled up inside me anymore and seeing as I can’t say this to anyone’s face, I’ll do the next best thing and air it in this fashion.  Okay here it goes.

The pooping and scat crowd in this community needs to take a serious chill pill!  As my profile and name suggests, wetting myself is my main interest at this site.  Yeah, I have pooping vids, but I also have considerably more wetting vids.  Neither wetting or pooping is sexual for me.  It’s fun and an act of non-sexual naughtiness.  The act of simply “going” in my pants doesn’t excite me in the least sexually unless of course I have been grabbing my dick non-stop which of course feels sexual, but that’s just the physical contact. Not the act of wetting.  Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the heart of my problem.  As of late I have been feeling like a total minority here and in some cases actually felt unwelcome.  When I first joined this site, I never felt more welcome at a site in my entire internet life.  Nowadays, it’s the total opposite.  Anytime I enter the chat room, I am bombarded with poop and scat talk.  For some reason this site has seemed to turn it’s focus on poop and scat.  I didn’t mind the fact that it was sort of a sub-interest when I first joined, but it’s getting way out of control.  I’m not saying it should be banned here or anything extreme like that, but I have to wonder how do you honestly look at a site called and assume it’s about poop only? 

I know this is a huge grey area and pretty controversial because obviously this is a fetish community and some people are really sensitive about their fetish.  However, we are all adults here and even though we pee and poop our pants like little kids, that doesn’t take away from the fact we ARE adults.  With adulthood comes a sense of respect for other adults.  I’m not saying we all need to kiss eachother’s ass, but there needs to be somewhat of respect for other people’s participation here.  Is it fair that someone like me who has more than their fair share of content here should feel like an outcast all because the sub-community of pooping and scat feels the need to “take over” the community?  I have never been against someone’s fetish.  As long as you aren’t hurting children or animals, I have nothing against your fetish.  However, when you allow your fetish to disrupt someone else’s fetish, then that’s where the problem arises.  Like I already said, I’m not looking for a ban on pooping and scat content, but rather just for people in that community to understand that wet pants should be the main focus on this site. 

To be honest I really don’t have a simple solution to this issue.  I know the pooping and scat community aren’t going to see this as an issue because it’s their interest, but those in the wetting community will know what I’m trying to say.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  ^_^ 

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  1. I enjoy your wetting vids more than most of these new videos. Unless it’s something I’m really craving at the time I’m seriously grossed out by a lot of these scat vids ^^;

  2. And in all honesty I felt the same way long ago when I was apart of a big diaper community. Little by little it started filling up with Sissies and Cross dressers in diapers. A lot of my old friends joined that side and it was seriously bothering me. I felt like the only one not in a dress and people kept trying to drag me into it.

    I left with a few choice friends and even then I still can’t get away from it. ^^;

  3. You have no need to worry about my moderator position. I was given that job to help enforce the content allowed here and that’s it. My personal feelings will never affect my role as a moderator. If WPB suddenly decided that poop and scat was banned all together, then yeah I would have to enforce that new rule, but seeing as that is not a rule, there’s no worry about me deleting any poop/scat content unless it violates the rules currently posted.

  4. @ilikeskids. We have rules because if we allowed everything remotely legal then the site would not have any focus what-so-ever. As shortswettingboy alluded to in his post, this site is primarily about doing stuff naughty in clothes. The scat category was originally designed to deal with the situation when the clothes were then removed. However, it has since evolved into a more mature category of its own.

    I don’t think shortswettingboy’s complaint sounded too much about the actual site content but about some members of the community. If people are chatting or messaging others on the site, they have to appreciate that their likes and dislikes might not be the same as yours. This is a vibrant community, and as long as we can respect each other, hopefully it will prosper.

  5. ShortsWettingBoy you have always been friendly and polite to me…

    If I am in chat I usually say hi to everyone in the lobby (rarely get any response lol)

    Yes I am mainly in to poop but I also love to watch guys pee – there are many things some get up to on this site but it doesn’t upset me – I just ignore it.

    Maybe there should me a sister site called brownpoopboy or something

  6. I like the wetting the most, pooping is much more messy & stinks way too much, that I find it makes me almost sick, not turned on. This is a fetish site here & I respect that, to each his/her own. The 1 real problem I have here among other places is the evasivness I encounter. Like I wonder how many are just making up "stories" to share. When I try to get in touch with someone, they seem to not want to talk about our interest. If I can not meet a real & legit person on here, then where will I meet someone? This is an awesome site, the videos & pics are awesome!!!!! I’am very thankful for This site, very good job wetpantsboy, U have an awesome site!!!! I just want someone to be as into this as I’am so I’am not so alone with this & have someone [ persons ] to experence this with. Here in Western Illinois / Eastern Iowa people are way to Traditional [ regular sex, screwing, oral, having kids, man/ women dating etc]. They think Drag shows are cool around here, where are guys with wet pants???? Guys / Gals [20 – 45] in Western Illinois / Eastern Iowa step up to the plate, I want to meet You! Thanks for allowing me to get this off of my chest, I have no where to go with this. I have had this MAJOR Obsession most all my life

  7. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  8. Jason, please know I greatly appreciate your contributions to this site and hope you receive all you desire from our community. I don’t/can’t use all features of the site so am ill equipped to advise you but if you want to chat about non scatological subjects couldn’t you limit your chat room to members who respect your boundaries or block/filter the disrespectful chatters? And it occurs to me there are other chatrooms on the web, I assume some are hetero oriented and perhaps they have no scat content at all. I certainly don’t want to lose you and all you give us, I didn’t even know you putting on shows for us. But if wetting is not a sexual turn-on for you I’m sure you can find a place to chat about being a naughty boy or even a naught couple without being scat/ammed I don’t understand about the "lurkers’ though, don’t these people just watch or listen and not upload or post anything themselves? I don’t understand why that is a problem. Apart from that i would listen to you chatting but my mental health does not permit me to enjoy this type of interaction without a great deal of anxiety. Please ask for any guidance you need to get the maximum reward from this site as you are instrumental in making this the wonderful,exciting community it has become. Feel free to private message me if i can help you get what you like out of the site.Regards, peestain.

  9. ShortsWettingBoy… You will never be an outcast or alone on this site as long as I am a member. I know we haven’t chatted for a while now but we did spend hours chatting a while back and your vids and pics have brought countless hours of enjoyment to many many members here. I will make the effort to catch up with you again… Love you mate…

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