My amazing first time

I met this guy on a shit lovers site snd he was everything I wanted in a guy to have my first time with.His body was amazing and he was extremely sexy!We agreed to meet up at a hotel here in my hometown.We talked on the phone that morning,and he told me he had to shit but he was gonna hold it for me.So we exhange pic and vids I’m so excited about having my first time with this amazingly hot guy.Later that evening around 6:00pm,he arrive at my house.We go to a hotel not too far from where I live.We get the room and as soon as we enter the room we strip each other naked.I on the floor he sits on my face and i spread his ass and begin to eat his deliscious tight hole as deep as possible.He grinds his ass on my tongue as he sniffs poppers.I start to finger his hole and all I can feel is hot wet liquid shit.I pull my finger out and suck it off,then continue to eat his hole.Then you says are you ready for some shit baby?So hard and horny I moan yes.He begin to push and suddenly my mouth started to fill up with his hot warm soft shit.I stared at his hole as it continued to pour out over running my mouth.Then he turn around and kiss me with his shit in my mouth tasting it himself.He takes some and rubs it all over my chest and his.Then continue kissing me .He then gets on all fours and tell me to fuck more shit out of him.I ram my dick deep inside his wet shitty ass going deeper with every thrust he began to push as I am fucking him and more shit pours out all over my dick .I pull my dick out lick his hole clean then fuck him some more.Suddenly I came deep inside his good warm tight ass.After he sat on my face again snd push out all my cum and more shit into my mouth.After we took a shower together and lay and cuddle the remainder of the night.

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  1. AWESOME!! DUDE!! Come to visit me and we will duplicate this scenario!!

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