My almost coming out

It’s been a long time, but I remember it well. It was an experience you never forget. At that time I was only in my early 20s, I had blond hair for a long time and was pretty athletic back then. Not as athletic as today, but athletic punch I would say. At the time, I seemed more interesting to the male world than it is today. I still lived at home with my parents in Berlin, and was often traveling with friends the night and came back in the morning. One fine evening I was back home early, it will be around 11pm – midnight. But it was not a weekend and had to go to school the next morning, which I was doing a continuing education at the time.
I went over the Kurf├╝rstendam to the night bus to get home. On the way I was approached by a somewhat older but well-dressed guy in my view. He was certainly only in his early 40s. He was very nice and invited me to a Nobel bar. I thought so because of his way he was on me, but I wanted to go to the bar. He gave me some drinks in between, talked to people and I dance a bit. Obviously he was well known. Later I learned that he owned a hotel nearby. He seemed to be doing very well. At some point he asked if I would like to spend the night with him in the hotel. Since my bus stopped driving and he asked so nice question I agreed.
It was a nice apartment where he also stayed. I was very confident and was able to defend myself pretty well even then and I was not worried. In the TV ran a porn with two guys and on the double bed were very neat two same night accessories. I asked him to turn off the TV because I had to get out early. He nodded went into the bathroom and said “I should ever go to bed” Well, I was very curious what that should be. I think many have gone in my place at the latest. I put the nightwear aside, stripped down to my panties, and went to bed. He combed out of the bathroom in the after-wash shortly afterwards. The light went out and he climbed into the bed next to me. I clenched my fists because this situation was quite unusual. Why am I doing this again? I wondered. Oh yes, because of the bus that did not drive anymore.
He was still nice to me and we talked a bit. Then he started to pet me and ask me questions about my sexuality and if I have a girlfriend. I first played with. I was sure that I had the reins in my hand and could interrupt it at any time, which he just cuddled. Then he went on and started kissing my chest and slid his hand between my legs. Oops, I thought that’s going too far now.
I was tied up for the moment. I was shocked and could not move. Was it scary? Today I know, I was afraid of my feelings, but not of what he did. I think it was exciting and interesting at the same time. But still I pulled the emergency brake. I jerked his hand away and said resolutely that he should leave it. He was insulted, called me a bitch and turned on his side. So far nobody had called me that way. What the hell was going on! Such a strange feeling and everything went so fast. But it was already too late. I could not believe it. I’m fasting between my legs. It had only been a moment. I lay there with my mouth open and literally speechless. My panties and sheets were wet. I had an orgasm. I felt like I had gone to bed. I was a little ashamed of myself. I took his hand away at the right moment, he had not noticed. But what now!
The plan was to wait until he sleeps and then just go. But he babbled for a while and I fell asleep. In the morning an alarm rang. I opened my eyes, and slowly I understood where I was. I was already too late and made slowly. He was still pretty pissed and complained that I was wearing my down, and went with the words “you know where the door is” now what an idiot, I thought to myself. I’ve always wore my own, and what does that matter to him. Besides, that had a reason. But that was another story too.
Oops, and because a lot had happened to me again. My panties and sheets felt dry. When he was gone I got up to look. There was a bright big spot on the sheet. Hmm, I left that as a souvenir of myself. I went to the bathroom to freshen up. My black panties were a bit hard in the crotch and it was a white edge where it was wet. But I could live with that. I cheekily took a coffee and went off to school. I never saw him again and repressed this experience.

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