My Abdl Dream

My ABDL Dream
It had been a long hard day at work and I could hardly wait to get home to my GF/Mommy.It was Friday and My girl friend
Mary had just moved in with Me the last
weekend.The following Wensday She had
found my stash of diapers,bottles and,pacifiers.I guess on some level I had wanted Her to.She said nothing to me about it at all and I didnt know Id been found out until this Friday morning,when I’d gone to the kitchen to have my first cup
of coffee.I found a disposable diaper laying
beside the pot.On top of the diaper was a note.
My Baby,
For over a year now Ive suspected You have been hiding something from Me.Now I know what.I’ve had a few days to think about this and I still love You.Take this diaper and have it on when You get home.
I expect You to strip down to it upon entering the house.
Love Mommy Mary
As I said,it was a long day.On the way home I stopped at a gas station and used the restroom there to put my diaper on.Being
the obidient little boy Ive always wanted to
I took all my outer cloths off at the door.
“Baby? Is That You”,I heard Mary ask?
“Yes Mary its Me!Where are You”,I called out?!
“Im in the den.Get Your little ass in here”!
Suddenly a bit scared I hurried into the den!
Mary was sitting on my rocking recliner chair wareing nothing but panties and,,,a
nursing bra?”Come stand here in front of Me”! She commanded.I Did.”You have already made one mistake almost as soon
as You walked in the door! Now tell Mommy what You did wrong”!
I could not think of a thing and told Her so.
Mary had Me turn around,away from her.
She pulled my diaper down to my knees,I felt 5 quick and hard slaps on my bare bottom!”What did You call Me when You
came into the House”,She asked?
“Yes!And Who am I to You from now on”?
It hit Me then.”Mommy”?
“Yes.Thats a good Boy.Pull up Your nappy
and sit on Mommies lap awhile”.
I was happy too! Mommy held Me close
and gently stroked My hair,relaxing me.
“How was My little ones day at the office”,She asked?
“It was alright Mommy,but it seemed so long cause I couldnt wait to get home”!
“Hmmm ,said Mommy,I can guess that it
was hard for You.Here,come closer.”
Mommy lifted Me up to her right nipple
and put it to my lips.I began to suckle as
Mommy rubbed my head and tummy
rocking me in the recliner.”Im sorry that
Mommy has no milk in Her breast,but I may
soon”,She cooed to Me.
” Mommy this is so good.Im happy”!
“Awww my Baby”…

The next thing I knew,I was waking up wrapped in a blanket on the floor.Beside
my head,a note.
My Sweet Baby Boy,
Mommy has gone out to buy things that
We will need.Tomarrow is Saturday,and
a whole new way of life starts for Us.Nothing Will ever be the same if
You wish to continue this.Below are
SOME of the new house rules.Read
them now and choose.Call My cell
if You cant abide by them,and We will
go on as if this never happened.
#1 You will always call Me Mommy at home
and while We are out when it is possible.
#2 You Can only crawl inside the house or
in the back yard.
#3 You will ALWAYS be in a diaper while at
home.Mommy will decide about other places and You have no say so!
#4 Toilets are off limits to You.Thats what
Your diapers are for.In a public setting I
may allow it but You must ask Me 1st.
#5 At home You will only speak baby talk to
Me.In public when possible.
#6 Any rules broke will be cause for
If I do not hear from You while Im shopping
little one,I will assume that You agree To
all the above.Be sure that there may be
more rules in the future.I left You in Your
diaper.I expect You to have it on no matter its condition when I get home!
Love You Sweetie,Mommy

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