My ABDL Dream Part 2

Part 2
Hands shaking I read the note Mommy had left Me one more time.I knew this was a big step to take.A life changing step.Yet,I wanted this.I knew I would not be calling Mommy.
I was a bit hungry so I stood to go into the kitchen.I glanced down and saw the note again.Then I remembered something and got on my hands and knees and crawled instead.It felt liberating!This was what I was meant to do! At the refrigerator,I had to reach up to open it
looking for left over pizza.There was none.Nor was there any beer,or soda.
Nothing but a baby bottle full of milk.
Now I began to understand just how much things were going to change! I took the bottle and crawled into the living room and up onto the couch.I noticed the remotes for all my electronics were missing.Oh well.Still hungry I placed the nipple of the bottle in my mouth.It seemed like such a natural thing to do.I wondered what things Mommy was out shopping for and hoped She would be back soon.Now,I was getting sleepy again,yawning I felt the need to go pee pee but I was to tired to move.Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I was wetting my diaper as I drifted off to sleep again.
How long I slept,I cant say.I was awoken by the sound of the front door opening.I sat up and saw Mommy hurrying in thru the door and rushing to Me!”There He is”,She said,”There’s My Baby Boy”! I found Myself reaching out to Her as she pulled me into her arms.”Did my wittle one have a good nap”she cooed to Me?I could only nod my head because here I was in nothing but a wet soggy diaper and two men were busy hauling large boxes into the house!Mommy let go of Me and led the workers into my spare room.I heard Mommy telling them to set the bed up by the window and where to place this and that,I was trying to figure out what was going on when I heard Her say.”Thank You so much guys.I need to go and get the baby changed from his wet diaper.Just come find Me when You are done”!
Suddenly Mommy was pulling Me off the couch,and,telling Me to lay on the floor.I saw She had a clean diaper,wipes,and powder in her hands.”Is my little one ready for His 1st diaper change”?
“No Mary,I started,not here please! What if those men walk in and see Me”?
A cloud passed over Mommy’s face.”No?Mary?Is my little one being disobedient already?”The next thing I knew I was being rolled over on to my belly and the wet diaper had been yanked off!”This is what happens when We tell Mommy no”!Suddenly my bottom was on fire as I received swat after swat from Mommy’s hand!Just when I thought I would cry like a little baby She stopped and rolled Me back over.”Now Little boy”She began and suddenly she stopped and smiled.”My my,Mommy is learning so much about You.Did You enjoy that spanking.Your wee wee says You did”!I was brick hard!
Suddenly to my horror,a shadow passed and,I heard.”Um,Ma’am?Every thing is set up.Would You like to have a look”?
Mommy smiled down at Me then up to the worker.”Oh yes.Thank You.Just let Me finish changing My baby and I’ll be right there”!
“Yes Ma’am”.
Mommy powdered Me and put a fresh diaper on Me.”Now,You be good and stay right here.Mommy will show You something wonderful in a few minutes”!

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