My 2nd grade accident

This was a long time ago probably around 2008 . My school was awesome. We had no bullies and no cruel teachers . Everything was fine but there was just a little problem. If we didn’t do our homework on time then we had to do it in the recess time. One day I skipped the homework as I usually got bored in the recess.
I was so unlucky that on the exact same day mom made me drink 2 glass of milk in the morning before school. We had2 recess in our school. 2 periods then a small recess then 4 periods and a big recess. I also eat something spicy in the morning so I drank much water and went to school.
The first 2 periods were not as difficult but I couldn’t go to pee in the first recess and I had to complete my HW. I had a small bladder at that time as I was small . I just remember so much that I had hold it as long as I could and then in around the 6 th period of the school. I couldn’t hold it and I just peed all over the floor. I was so lucky that I didn’t get any kind of stain on my shorts all the pee just ran through my legs and in the shoes and on the floor . There was a huge puddle underneath me. There were two people sitting on a bench and a girl was sitting next to me. I had made sech a mess but no one noticed it . As soon as the recess ended no one ever saw that puddle till the 8 th period the last period of school the puddle was completely dried and so were my shorts. I came back home and didn’t even changed my shorts as I didn’t want anyone at home to know that I peed.

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  1. I saw almost the same thing happen in the 2nd grade. We had a teacher that wouldn’t let you go if you didn’t have your homework. This one boy held it all through class, but recess was the next period. I guess recess was more important because he went straight there.

    He played football (American style), got tackled and several kids all jumped in and piled on top. When he got up, he ran to a tree and learned forward against it. When he turned around, he was wet down to his shoes.

    I was pretty sure he wore the same jeans a few days later since they were distinct. That was the time I realized that peeing your pants was something that a washing machine could fix. Up to that point, I was afraid that it would somehow destroy them to pee in them.

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