must be a dream part 2

part two;

Now I know what you are thinking but in just a matter of minuets I went from home alone, diapered, enjoying the grunts to haveing a guy standing next to me that just came over to ask for help with wiring and that deep feeling of being caught. Most stories you read about reaching over and grabing the growing cock, but here I sat not knowing what to do, answering a page and haveing a stranger watching. Brian stood up and said, “I hoped I was not interfering with anything, I see you were enjoying the morning”, with that I said no, just playing on line and shut it comp off.

I stood up and told him I would be glad to help him out, and with a grin on his face he said great, and we wlked back up the strairs. This time I was behind him and realy enjoyed the back door eye veiw he gave me, but by the time I reached the front door I relized I was diapered under my sweats and I was on my way outside and over to his house and than a sudden chill, missy, was she home , would she see what I was wereing, what if he did not relize what I had on, what if…..than I saw her car was gone, and I felt a little better.

We made small talk about what he needed done with the wireing, and proceded to do some tests, no power at the outlet so I said I needed to see the box down strairs. Brian said if there was anything I needed he would call missy and have her pick it up on her way home, agin that sudden chill. On the way into the house he offered a cup of coffee saying I kind of interuted your morning coffee and the lest he could do it keep me suplied, but by now the coffee I had wanted out but there was no way I could undo this diaper and pee in a toilet so why not right, I let a couple of surts out as I sat down at the counter. I had no idea if he knew what I just did but by sitting down eased the presure to pee but also it made a squishy sound as my well greased crouch squished and sounded like a fart, but I said nothing, but how could he not hear that, he did seam to notice but said nothing either.

At this point it did not matter to me weather he knew or didn’t, I was a litle more relazed and decided to push it some and let out a fart, now with some much crisco even a dry fart would sound wet and bubbley and it truned out it was kind of long and very wet sounding, opps sorry I said with a smile, and what I got from him was a supprise, he crocted a leg and let out short pops, wow I said we must have hade the same dinner last night, he replied I dought it but we could have the same lunch if you want,mmm, ok lets see your box….. breaker box I mean and we were off down the stairs.

The down stairs was divided up very nice with several rooms to the left with shut doors and a open room were th box was, I saw right away that the wire was burned from being on a to-hight breaker and said I will have to run a new one and put in the right size breaker and told him what I needed and he was on the phone in a flash with missy. while checking anything else that would need replacing I got the urge to push so standing there makeing it look like I was in thought I crosed my legs and pinched. I could feal the but balls trying to slip out and the need to pee building I had no chance to stop the piss from flowing prety good and with some much lube one ball poped out and than another, this gave me a sudden bulge in the front but with my back to brian, I was safe for now.

What I forgot was the but balls had a stell ball inside and sounded like a baby rattle when I moved and before I could do anything I had walked across the room to folow the wire, brian heard every step and a large grin walked over..all I could say was toys must have sliped out, I was hoping they were and went to another door just past me and un locked it and fliped on the light. Inside was a desk with large lights around it and a large comp screen, and alone side was a old couch and a big screen on a table. On the side was a video camera on a trypod, this must be a adult play room, my neibor….clean cut, family guy with a play room, cool.

he clicked on the comp. and said these are my sites want to see, sure I said, typecal, aff, fetlife, skyip, but on the side was under windows were the ones I was hopeing to see, several gay sites, I asked If he didn’t mind and moved the mouse over to squirt, the one I knew as a gay site, I said nothing but procedde to enter my screan name and up came the site, he said you are on here?? I said for many years, now the buldge in his pants was growing fast. I reached over this time and gentely worked his cock through his pants,mmmmm we both pured, than he said I am more interesed in your site you had on this morning, ok, and with that I brought it up and leaned back in the chair. He looked at my profile pic and said he thought I was into that because he had seen my outside and through the window wereing a depends, and with that I sliped off my sweats and sat in just my diaper for him to look at, and he waisted no time and begain to run my very hard cock through the very wet diaper.

IS IT WET? as he rubed, I said oh yes, but with a loud clunk it was the back door….missy was home, we both scrambled to meet her before she walked in, brian seamed almost scared witch made me very gittery, I had just got my sweats up and by the time we both reached the strairs we had lost our hard-ons as we walked up the stairs to great missy.


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