motorbike thrill

i was 17 when i bought my first motorbike.

It seems a long while ago now, and i suppose it was. The motorbike i had saved up for was an old single cylinder, 4 stroke Triumph.

It was not particularly fast or quick off the mark. In short it was an old plodder that vibrated and thumped its way for mile after mile with no trouble.

Now i mentioned the vibration.

i discovered that at its best cruising speed of 55 miles an hour, it vibrated beuatifully to the degree that it shook my balls, bum, prick and everything else that would normally hang down or lay on the seat when yopu were driving it.

I had already discovered the joys of pissing myself for sexual gratification, and the extra vibration from the bike only added to that

Dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, there was nothing better than to drive around the countryside when i had nothing better to do.

When i was feeling randy too ( and that was most of the time) it was even better.

And if the weather decided it was going to rain, then i was in heaven with knobs on.

If it rained than i could piss myself to my hearts content and no one would be able to notice. The throbing of a the vibration added to the thrill that i would be able to piss my pants anyway, was enough to send me over the point of no return.

So i was driving back from colledge one summer evening and cruising at around 55 mph enjoying the buzz it was giving my member, when it started to rain . It was one of those really heavy squalls that you sometimes get. Anyway, within a few moments i was really really wet.

 i would really like to piss myself now, i thought. So keeping the bike to that magic 55 i lifted my arse off the saddle to make pissing easier. And then i just let go. The vibration was drifting me nearer and nearer to the edge.

<P>The wee ran all over my front, up my arse and cascaded off the rear of the motorbile saddle. I was in heaven. It was the best piss ever.

When i arrived home i made my excuses to my parents saying it had rained really hard, and dashed upstairs to strip off and have a wank.


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  1. hatte auch altes moped mit Sattel, geil war die vibration. In meiner engen levis spritzte mein Schwanz super.
    Mit dem Moped konnte ich nie zum ficken fahren, hatte ich schon alles in der Hose, geil

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