Mother’s treat night out

Mother’s Treat Night Out.
By: Me
Written on July 11th, 2011
On Friday morning as I left for work my mothers said that she was going to treat me to a night out at the cinema that night,after a meal.I was looking forward to that all day at work and it kept me happy.I came home just after 5pm and mother said that we would be leaving about 7pm for our dinner before going to see the film,”Horrible Bosses” at the mall cinema in Ogden,for the 10.10pm show.I did a bit of chat on my computer with some EP friends,then changed into my evening out clothes.Knowing what mother is thinking about when she goes to a cinema,I decided on my white full cut cotton polyester panties under black capri pants,with a dark brown knitted top as it might be cooler when we left the cinema after midnight.We set off in mother’s car feeling quite excited;me especially as I had not pooped for three days and did not yet feel like pooping,so I had taken a 5ml dose of Lactulose stool softener to get things loosened as it usually works in about three hours.

Our dinner date was at our local Chuckarama,which is one of those pay your money and eat as much as you can places.They have an impressive array of food to choose from.I grabbed a plate and had lots of lovely sliced roast beef with mash potatoes and peas for a start,enough for a normal meal.Once that was gone I went and got another plate,this time choosing cold kidney beans,peas and beetroot with a nice blue cheese dressing and sprinkles of bacon bits.This made a nice change of diet and was soon gone the same way as the roast beef.Almost full by this time I grabbed yet another plate and this time had some bbq ribs and chicken breast with sauce of course.This was about as much as I could manage to swallow on top of all the other things,and by the time that was gone I was stuffed right to the top.All this food was washed down with large cups of Dr Pepper,several.and by the time we were both filled it was after 9pm,so we had a large hot coffee to pass a few minutes before we had to leave for the long drive(1/2 mile)to the cinema which took us all of 5 minutes.

We arrived at the cinema about 9.50pm in good time for the show,bought ourselves a large bucket of popcorn to share.Popcorn has the same effect on mother as it does on me;it makes me poop in about one hour,set your watches folks!We also got a large cola drink each and made our way into the theater,choosing our seats in the center well toward the back,and well away from any others,though there were not many people there.We had parked mother’s car just by the exit doors ready for a quick get away at the end of the film.Soon the lights went down and the show began.I won’t tell you the plot as it would spoil the fun if you want to go see it,just say that we enjoyed it.

Bearing in mind that I had taken my three hour softener just over three hours before,I was now feeling like something other than the film was about to start.I had been holding my butt tight since the last course at the diner as I did not want it to fill my panties too early,and now I was still holding it until I would not be able to hold any longer.I knew that it would not be long before my softener and the popcorn would get together and make music.It was about forty minutes into the movie when I knew it was coming soon as they say in the previews.All those people who have said that I am full of crap were right at this minute,also full of pee due to all the drinks earlier.I thought that I would relax when a certain thing came on screen,and did not have to wait long before there it was;I relaxed just a little and felt that satisfying feeling as soft hot poop began to slowly creep out into my panties,slowly because I was still holding slightly or it would have exploded into them.I nudged mother and she turned to me smiling and gave a nod telling me that she was having the same problems as me.We both sat back in our seats and let things go with the flow.I could feel the warmth gradually creep up in front of my panties as it passed mypussy and headed toward the front waistband.At this point I moved forward and allowed some to creep up the back too,then sat back again and it squished toward the front again,the waistband held it from rising any further,and it spread sideways then,going round each side of the panties,seeming to be everywhere at once,all warm and smooth.

At last it stopped and my panties were as full as I could ever remember them being full in all my life,every move I made felt so exciting as the soft poop shifted within my panties,even to the point of leaking out into my capris;thank goodness they were tight at the knees!
Then I remembered that I also needed to pee,as none had escaped while I was pooping,to my surprise.I raised myself up a little off the seat and allowed some of the poop to fall down under my butt to relieve the pressure elsewhere,and when that was done I let my bladder relax too and,what a relief as it flowed into the already filled panties mixing with the soft poop and trickling gently down each leg of my capri pants.Since they were tight at the knees it did not splash,but oozed out and gently flowed down the legs into my shoes,which were old ones I had worn in anticipation of this very I did not mind.Soon the shoes overflowed and there appeared a fairly large puddle around my feet on the floor;as I looked down at my puddle I noticed a second puddle beside me round mother’s feetAll this,although it takes only a short time to tell,took longer to happen,so by the time we were finished it was not long before the end of the movie came,and before the lights went up in the theater,mother and I rose and made our way to the exit at the back of the theater,and left hurriedly for the safety of our car.As soon as we reached it we placed lots of plastic bags on the seats for protection,and got in for the slippery ride home and a nice hot shower before climbing into bed for a satisfying nights sleep.

Happy pooping,REALLY happy pooping

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