Motel fun and games

here is a bit of fun and games I recently had the chance to do.

I recently started looking at and was getting very interested in chastity cages. Not sure why but it looked like fun and I thought it could keep things from happening sooner than I want them to. So did a bit of research and found a very nice selection on amazon and picked out one to try. I’ve also purchased a much larger toy not to long ago, 2.5″x10″. lots of fun by itself. I just couldn’t keep my hands off my stiff little willie while playing with my toys and things happened much to quickly. The cage kept everything well under control plus added a very interesting aspect to play time and I wondered how it would be with messy play.
I got the chance to find out one weekend. You see I couldn’t do much at home at the time due to too many comings and goings of others. so I rented a room for a couple days at a local motel for a little private play time. Since i reserved the room a week in advance I had some prep time and prep i did, extra fiber, big meals, things to stop my system up. so by the end of the week I was quite backed up and bloated. Once i got off work a ran home grabbed my overnight/toy bag and off I went. Stopped at the local walmart for a few supplies (bananas,oatmeal and some snacks). Once checked in I showered and shaved everything nice and smooth, rubbed in some baby lotion. Now all slick and smooth I locked up my very stiff willie, bit of a challenge but once done very interesting feeling. Got dressed (Normal street clothes) ran out got me a bite to eat and back to surf for fun stuff on the net. once back stripped down to just my cage and noticed that even though I was locked down tight my willie was very excited and leaking and just had to taste it, bit salty but sweet mmmm. Well sat down and had a nice big fast-food dinner then started surfing all my favorite sites, getting more and more excited as the night grew longer. At one point I thought that since I had been such a naughty boi for having such dirty thoughts and desires that I needed a sound spanking and I had brought just the thing. a pencil thin plastic switch about 2′ long, whistled when swung. But very little impact noise but boy the sting and the welts it left. My bottom was numb after the first 20 or so and had multiple stripes and quite red after another 20-30 more. My little excited willie was dripping like a faucet. Of course I had to lick the drips off my fingers as I caught them, what a naughty boi I am. That earned another 10-15 hard swats. oh my bottom was sore and burning now. Well it was getting late and I had a full day and night of fun and games to get to tomorrow so along about 1100 i got out one of my super thick and thirsty diapers and carefully put it on over my very sore bottom tucking my cage willie down in front. now well padded and protected I surfed a bit more (of course i wet my diaper a bit) then slipped on a pair of plastic panties took a strong laxative to get things moving and off to sleep. Didn’t really sleep much though, too wound up i guess. I wet through the night here and there.
along about 800 I was about half asleep and had to go again so just relaxed and let it flow when suddenly i realized my plastic panties had started leaking. Woo I’m awake now. I jumped up quick, hadn’t planned on a wet bed. Yep my diaper was soaked and sagging heavily. Well it was very wet but i still had to go so go I did soaking it to complicity, mmm nice wet diaper boi. Now off for another shower and prep for the day. Once in the shower had to take my cage off to wash it and me really good. After drying off I applied a generous amount of diaper rash cream and baby powder. since I was going to be in very messy pants for a long time, 10-12 hours. I needed to protect my skin. Now protected and powdered i slipped my cage back on, yes still a challenge being quite stiff. during this time i could feel my insides gurgling and rumbling around as things started to move around and down lower. It wasn’t urgent yet but would be soon enough. now to make it urgent I took the first big ripe banana pealed it and stuck a fast acting suppository in the end of it lubed it up and slowly slid it into my waiting boipussy, love that feeling as it begins to slide in stretching my little rosebud then slowly filling my bottom up. Now for my clothes I slipped on a pair of white hanes underpants one size larger than normal, more room you know. Pinned the lag bands tight with safety pins. I like to keep whats dropped in them to stay there. now a pair of loose fitting jeans (no plastic panties) and t-shirt. It had been about 10 minutes since I inserted the banana surprise in my bottom and figured I had about 30 minute give or take till I had a very urgent need to go. I had a bit of time to kill so sat down, oh my bottom hurt still. to surf the net for a few more minutes before going out for coffee and breakfast.
After about 15 minutes i was really starting to feel a need to go and could just barely control it so up and out the door to the drive through I go. The walk to the car was interesting I could feel the cramps building and subsiding each time it felt like a little liquid leaked out. I could feel a slipperiness between my bum cheeks as I walked plus a slight dampness in the seat of my undies. I covered the seat with a pad so as to not mess up it up and off I went. I had forgotten about morning traffic so it took me about 20 minutes to get to the restaurant. as I sat in traffic I could feel my efforts to control what was coming slowly weakening as more liquid seeped out. I was almost there when a cramp built up that I couldn’t fully stop and i felt some warm soft poo forcing its way out of my bottom. It wasn’t much about a 1/4 cup of soft warm slipperiness resting in the seat of my formerly white underpants. I knew that there would be more following shortly and hoped the line moved up quickly, didn’t want to make too public of a messy pants scene. but as luck would have it it was slow going or at least seemed that way. As i slowly moved up the cramps built and pushed more warm slippery into my pants. By the time i got to the widow I had about a cup and half of poopy spread out against my bottom and inching into to my crotch. I was a afraid to move to much for fear of giving off too much of a smell. but now at the widow I had to lean up to get my wallet out and just then a big cramp hit and a warm mass pushed out into my seat, oh my that felt good. Luckily the cashier didn’t notice anything wrong other than maybe my expression changed a bit as I carefully as i could set back down in my now warmer fuller poopy pants. boy sure hoped no one was around when i got back to the room. because I’m sure it had stained through to my jeans plus the fact that i still really had to go and it was getting more insistent by the minute. Once I got my food I carefully drove back to the room trying to watch my speed, would be very hard to explain to a cop if i were pulled over and he patted me down for some reason or arrested me. But i made it back in one piece trying desperately to hold on but every bump on the way there seemed to make my need to go all that much worse. I couldn’t stop it all as some poop slipped past my weakening ring and by the time i got to the motel the messy poo had filled my crotch and was creeping up my bum crack. now to get to the room without being noticed or completely loosing it in the parking lot. As i got out I could feel the slippery mess settle back down into the seat of my pants and warmly spread across my bum. i could tell that this was going to be a challenge to make the room before i lost the fight as I had to stand there clenching my bottom closed as much as i could. once the cramps subsided a bit i started walking as fast as i could. by now i really had to go. luckily no one was around so by the time i got to my door i thought i was free and clear and relaxed just a bit oops things started moving right away and as i fumbled with the electronic key my bottom began to open wider as my load started its move, there was no stopping it now as i slid my key in the slot poop was slowly slipping into my pants and spreading warmly across my bottom. the key didn’t work! I felt so exposed and and terrified at that moment that i completely relaxed and the mass started to fill my pants faster i looked at the key and realized i had put it in the wrong way I opened the door and quickly stepped in closing it behind me. AT this point i just spread my feet squatted a bit and let nature take its course as wave after wave of warm banana and poop piled into my pants creating a nice bulge as it freely spread into my crotch and across my bottom. Oh that felt nice and i just had to get a few pictures at this point. The urge to go was still there but not quite as pressing so I had some control for the moment. I got some nice front and rear shoots with my pants on and with them pulled down. I planned to get some more later on as more filled my pants. I was loving every minute of this.
suddenly realized i had left somethings in the car that I wanted and wouldn’t be able to get to once i got real messy. So after a quick check of my seat to see how bad it looked. It wasn’t too bad a few brown spots and my bottom looked a bit fuller than it should. I decide to make a quick dash out and back. so opened the door looked around and the coast was pretty clear, few people here and there. but no one seemed to notice me so off to the car i went. As I walked to the car I could feel the laxative I’d take last night starting to work it’s magic and I needed to go again soon. Once i got to the car and got what I came for the cramps to go had started building again and I really had to go. Well i figured what the hell I’d already messed my pants so while standing there next to the car I just relaxed. I was kind of surprised to feel the first part being somewhat large and firmer than earlier, I guess it was the banana that made it loose and sloppy. Oh how I love that feeling as a large firm poopy pushes against then spreads an stretches my little rosebud as it slides out forcing it’s way between my cheeks into my waiting underpants. mmm that felt nice is it pushed out meeting the resistance of my pants and started to form a nice warm lump between my cheeks. I kinda zoned out for a minute there as another log pushed to get out when I heard someone talking way too close to me. which snapped me back to reality. I quickly felt the back of my pants as i looked around noticing a couple coming my way. there was no way i could hide what i had done in my pants the bulge would be very obvious. so i lite a smoke and leaned on my car in hopes that they didn’t pass to close to me. because there was a definite smell of poop around me. kinda like someone might have dirtied their pants oh wait that would be me. well they did walk a bit too close and yep they smelled me and kinda looked at each other whispered about the poop smell around me. OMG i was so embarrassed and turned on. Once they had gone i looked around real quick saw a few people here and there but had to risk it and walked as normally as i could back to the room. with heart pounding and willie in his cage throbbing i tried the key yes it work fine. in and safe now, wow what a rush.
Now for the messy fun to really begin. the laxative had started to loosen things up a bit and as the need became known i just pushed out what wanted out. it was getting a bit too loose after a time so I dumped some oatmeal down in back to help thicken it up a bit and add a bit more bulk to my messy pants, always a good thing. It took till afternoon to completely clear my system during which i walked around laid down for quick nap, with a pad of course. sat, very carefully on a pad and surfed my favorite sites. mmm that’s such a great feeling as you slowly lower yourself into a chair and your mess spreads out across your bottom and into the crotch. it also pushed up passed my caged willie encasing it and sliding warmly across my shaved smooth front, so nice and slippery. Now since my system was pretty much cleared out but i wasn’t done playing yet. I still had a nice bunch of bananas to play with. I first pealed them, a couple at a time. then slid them one by one to my waiting and wanton boipussy. I could only manage two at a time due to the lingering effects of the suppository. i held them as long as i could sometimes setting down sometimes just clenching my cheeks together. really nice when your seated and one or both force their way out adding a new and warm slippery lump to my already overfilled pants. during this time i took a few more pictures of my very messy pants just like the first set. I had a large wet spot on the front where id peed a bit and kneaded the mess in some and the back had large brown wet spot from crotch to waist band and side to side, along with a large sagging bulge.
It was getting on about eight at night by now. I had been in poopy pants for almost twelve hours now and my protective layer of cream and powder was giving way to a burning in places. so it was about time to clean up and finish things off soon. so i waddled off to the bathroom slipped my mess jeans off for later washing. had to admire the mess underpants a bit in the mirror. they were stained brown all the way up the back to the waistband and around the sides to the front. oh what a naughty boi I’ve been. once unpinned i just slipped them off and into a trash bag, no saving them. hopped in the shower and began the washing. of course i had to take off the cage to make sure everything was nice and clean inside along with washing it. once out and dried i rubbed everything down with baby oil followed by slipping on my cage again, still a challenge. now it was time punish this naughty bottom of mine. first with the switch. adding many more stinging welts to my already sore bottom. after about fifty or so my little caged willie was throbbing dripping like a faucet again and my bottom burned from the punishment that had been administered. but I was far from done. it was now time for some boipussy abuse. after a lubing my boipusssy up along with one of my smaller toys about 5″X2″ not to big but enough to warm up with. I stuck it to the seat of a chair and slowly lowered my still smarting bottom down on to it. mmm what a nice feeling as the little fatty touched then slowly parted my sore cheeks till it hit my tight little rosebud and with a bit more pressure i could feel it slowly forcing its way in spreading and stretching my boipussy till my bottom touched the chair. oh that felt nice having that very full feeling along with being held wide open. now up then down to work that hole out and loosen it. because there was a much bigger toy waiting to violate and stretch my bottom out. this was driving my little willie wild and if not for the cage this would have been over by now. but sense i was locked down all i could do was drip and moan as i rode up and down on it. after about ten minutes or so of this there was a small puddle on the chair where i had leaked little boi juice. now my boipussy felt nice and loose. it was time for something a bit bigger. as I slid up and off i felt somewhat empty back there. but not for long as i set up my much bigger toy on the chair 2.5″X10″ cock and ball dildo. .5″ doesn’t sound like much difference but it is trust me. plus the added length. once in place i lubed it and my loosened boipussy up and slowly started to lower my bottom onto it. oh that feeling as it first touched then slowly spread my cheeks wider and wider till it touched my loosened hole. at this point i wanted to just slam down on to it but knew better that to do this. so i continued my slow descent onto this monster cock. I could feel it spreading me more and more as it forced its way further in. i had to back off a few times then start down again several times. each time going a bit further stretching my boipussy a little more until it had worked its way past my ring and slipped inside. wow that felt incredible. now it was time to work that monster deeper. i slowly started working up then down and up and down deeper and deeper until i hit the curve then up and off to re-lube once then slowly back down and in mmmm still nice feeling it spreading wider and wider as i worked it further in till i hit the curve again then slowly up a down relaxing as much as i could till all of sudden something opened up and it slid home and past. thing about this toy is the head was 2.5″ the base widened to 3″. so as it drove deeper in it my boipussy i was stretching me out further than i had ever been before. i thought after this night i might have to wear a diaper for a few days or risk staining my pants due the weaned and stretched out nature of my boipussy. now that it was all the way in, my sore bottom resting on the chair. i began to slowly work up and down feeling this monster drive in then slid out then drive in. it wasn’t long before i was bouncing up and down trying to work it ever deeper with my caged little willie throbbing and leaking that i had an earth shattering anal orgasm. i thought i was going to pass out the feeling was so intense as i slammed down one final time on my toy shaking from the release. it took a couple of minutes before i fully came back to myself and began to relax a bit. i could still feel this massive cock deep in my boipussy as i looked down at my now wilted cage willie and the pool of boi juice id left. as i slowly rose up off the beast i began to feel empty and had to slid back down causing another jolt of pleasure in my willie. but now i was near exhausted and had to clean up so slowly up and off i came. i had to knelt in front of the chair and began to lick up my boi juice as i reached back to explore my wreaked and wide open boipussy. once the chair was licked clean it was time for me to clean up some too i could feel juices leaking from my wreaked bottom and knew id need to sleep in a diaper this night but what a night it had been. so on wobbly legs a grabbed up my toys and headed off to the shower once again. i washed my toys then myself feeling the slack in my wreaked hole and reveling in the feel of it. now clean and fresh i grabbed a diaper and some lotion rubbed it in and powdered myself taped a thick diaper on, of course with the cage still in place. shut everything off and climbed into bed feeling my still throbbing boipussy and sore bottom feeling oh so relaxed and was out within minutes. I’m sure i dreamt of being plowed by huge cocks through the night because my cage was sticky in the morning. but that is another story as yet told.

i hope you have enjoyed this i know it made me quite hard writing about it after the fact. sorry for the poor grammar as I’ve said I’m really not a writer. just a love getting my thoughts down for future reference and adventures and thought why not share it

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