Woke up feeling horny, had a lovely shit, turned on the shower while waiting I was thinking about the guy I watched have a shit and wank on cam last night. My asshole started to twitch, I was stroking my cock. I gently rubbed my ass lips with my finger tip, I pushed it in a bit and found my ass was still coated with soft shit inside.
I pushed my finger in as far as possible and finger fucked slowly, gripping my finger with my ass muscles. I slid my finger out and sniffed it the smell was so erotic, my finger was coated in dark brown shit, I smeared it on my nipples and then returned it to my ass.
Then I used two fingers, thrusting in an out fast at the same time stroking my cock faster and faster, again I take my fingers out and lick them, the taste of bitter crap invades my mouth. That puts me over the top, spunk flies from my cock….

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