Morning pee fun

it is 10am, I have not yet had my morning pee – we both got home at around 2am after a night out. we both drank a substantial amount of alcohol last night. you awake first feeling throbbing in your lower abdomen and penis, you are completely bursting to pee. you realise i mist be the same and ru nyour hand down my slender body giving my perky boob a quick squeeze on the way down. you reach the bulge of my protruding, distended bladder and rest your hand on it for a few seconds marvelling at my tremendous control. you start to gently push down on my full hard bladder. as the pressure increases i start to stir from my sleep. all of a sudden you push hard into my bladder, jolting me awake. i am now wide awake and urgently needing relief from my full swollen vessel of pee. i try to stand up and run to the bathroom but i feel you gripping my wrist, i turn to see your mischeivous grin as you push me back on to the bed and straddle me, you lower yourself slowly onto me causing a slow but strong increase of pressure in my bladder. i fight back the efforts of my bladder muscles to release and allow the pent up pee to flow freely from my pussy – i clench as hard as i can and tell you that i must get to a toilet before i involuntarily release my heavy load of liquid. you tell me that you have also not peed since the copious amounts of alcohol we consumed last night so if you can still hold then so can i. i press my legs together in an effort to help my aching muscles as you grind your hard cock against my bladder. you start getting off of me – i feel a slight relief as you take your pressure off my bladder, i prepare to make a dash for the toilet as you lift yourself off of me but before i can even think about sitting up you have spun yourself around and straddles my face, sticking your rock hard cock deep into my throat, you order me to suck it and i willingly obey. you then move the damp crotch of my panties to the side and start passionately licking my quivering pussy. the feeling of my desperate need to pee mixing with the need to cum is almost overpowering. i know if i allow myself to cum i wont be able to hold my bladder and if i dont hold my bladder until you give me permission to pee i know i will be severely punished. with this knowledge, i clench up my bladder muscles as hard as i can and will myslef not to pee or cum. suddenly you stop licking me and thrust your cock deep into my throat and hold it there as your salty cum shoots out and runs down the back of my throat, making sure i have swallowed every drop of your salty semen you pull your cock out of my mouth to make your way to the door, you quicklyturn the key to the locked position and remove it. you turn around and grin evilly at me – i am so overcome with desperation and horniness that i am paralysed on the bed desperately trying to plug my pee hole with my hands. you walk over and say “here let me help you with that” you gently pull my hands above my head as you once again straddle me sitting with your weight on my bladder.i try to shove my hands back in my crotch but your tight grip won’t loosen and you force my hands into a set of handcuffs attached to the bed. with my hands restrained you easily move down and lock both of my feet to each of the bottom bed posts so my thighs can no longer clamp together. taking advantage of my spread legs exposing my throbbing pussy you take two fingers and slide them violently into my vagina being sure to curl them upwards, ramming them into the hard distended wall of my bladder, as it spasmed i let out a tiny jet of pee onto your finger, which you respond to by pushing harder. i struggle to regain control as you pound your strong fingers inside me. you use the heel of your hand to push on my bladder from the outside as well as your fingers pushing in from inside. with your spare hand you reach out and pick up a vibrating egg, you sensually pull your fingers out from inside me, giving my clit a quick rub on the way out, and replace them with the intensely vibrating egg. the feeling is immense as you return to sucking and licking on my swollen clit, your hand gently massaging my bladder from the outside while the vibrator is stimulating it from inside. extreme desperation soon turns into extreme pleasure as i have the most explosive orgasm followed seconds after by a powerful jet of golden pee soaking my panties and bed sheets as my bladder empties it’s incredible load. you reach up to kiss me passioately on the lips then you say “looks like i win, for your ‘punishment’ for losing you must go and drink two pints of water and await further instruction”. my pussy quivered with excitement as i knew you were going to make me do it all again.

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