Morning Mess

Every morning when I wake up, my body tells me that I have to poop, and I usually have about an hour to get to the bathroom before it all comes out on it’s own. This morning I was going to have a little fun with this by going into Walmart and pooping my pants there, but my body had other ideas. Before I could go to Walmart, I had to wait for my boyfriend to leave the apartment, unfortunately I woke up a while before him and had to wait about an hour for him to leave. By the time he left I was already almost pooping my pants, and I realized I could never make it to Walmart in time. My body was already trying to push it all out of me. So, I got a cup of coffee and stopped holding it in. Almost immediately the poop started coming out, and fast. I ended up with a very soft baseball sized poop in my white ftl briefs. It felt amazing to let go, I only wished I could’ve made it to Walmart. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting on my balcony drinking my coffee with the poop still in my pants.

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  1. That’s ok it’s ok to stay home and enjoy your loaded briefs. I’m the same way . I woke up but got out of bed too late. Had a nice Firmload in back and big soft load that went up the front. Of course I locked my self out and had to hang out in badly messed pants for 2 hours but hey worse things could happen.

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