Morning Accident #2

Only a week or so later I was made to shit my pants again (purple boxer video)

I’d woken up and was just chilling out on my phone, then watched something on Netflix. All of a sudden I really had to go! I’ve noticed since I’ve been ruining my ass that I don’t get much warning anymore, I’m either fine, about to shit myself or shitting myself. I probably should start wearing diapers more often but, tbh, running the risk of going in pants is much more humiliating and hotter.

Anyway, I really felt the need to go, got out of bed started walking to the door. As I opened it I felt a huge load just slide out of my destroyed hole. It was one of the biggest loads I’ve done for ages and I could do nothing to stop it, it just kept coming and coming, crackling away until I had something easily the size of a big fist.

I now had to get from my room to the bathroom without anyone seeing (or smelling) the fact I’d hugely shat myself. Luckily the only thing that caught me was my camera (video uploaded to here) and I managed to safely get to the bathroom, clean up and people be none the wiser.

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