Morning Accident #1

Sorry it’s been a while and I have quite a few true stories to put up on here. This one is attached to a video (grey boxer one) so you can enjoy this story there too!

Anyway, I’ve been really really trashing my hole and I’m more loose and prolapsed than ever, which is making for some fun, if risky, side effects.

I woke up needing the loo but realised one of the housemates was in there already showering or something. I needed to shit quite bad as I’m a morning person usually.

They were taking ages and I was getting more and more aware of my ruined ass muscles not being in the best shape to hold for much longer. I was about to get out of bed and then head to the bathroom as I heard the shower stop. But I wasn’t quick enough and another housemate got in there before me!

At this point I sort of knew it was hopeless but I tried to not fill my boxers in my room otherwise I’d run the risk of getting caught with full smelly boxers on by the housemates!

But my hole is just too ruined now (but not ruined enough), as I was pacing around my room I could feel it coming and there was nothing I could do to stop it and a hard load fell out and filled my grey boxers.

I then had to hang around until the bathroom was free, sneak in without anyone noticing and clean up.

Little did I know I’d have 2 more accidents within the next week!

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