More wet pants in the car. . .

After my wetpants ‘accident’ in the traffic jam, I knew I had to try this again-it was even more of a turn-on than just doing it at home alone! The opportunity came again after another weekend away-this time it was a much longer drive and I was planning to wet myself early on in the drive and just let my pants and jeans dry off naturally during the rest of the journey.I would then arrive home late on,go straight up to my room and put the ‘evidence’ with the rest of my washing ( I was doing my own washing by this time).If anyone was still up, the wet patches on my jeans would no longer be visible-you see what a schemer I was becoming!! Before I set off, I made sure to have plenty of water and other soft drinks and took more for the journey.After about an hours driving I really needed to pee-it was mid afternoon and I hadn’t had one since morning!So I just let go as I was driving-after an initial seepage and a small wet patch around my crotch, the pressure took over and I totally soaked myself-it felt brilliant!I had put a plastic bag and towel on the seat so that it wouldnt make a mess and also to stop it running down onto the carpet.This meant that my bum stayed wetter-nice! I was feeling well pleased with myself and had such a smile on my face, I must have looked a right idiot to all the other drivers on the road-if only they knew! My smile was soon to disappear when I noticed the fuel guage-oh no-I had forgotten to fill up before I set off!There was less than a quarter of a tank left and I would have to get some more very soon-but what to do?I could hardly walk across a garage forecourt in my wet pants-it was so obvious what I’d done.Now sensible readers would think ‘he’s been away for the weekend, so he must have other clothes with him- why doesn’t he just pull off somewhere quiet and change in the car?’ Well, that would have been the sensible option,but I wanted to keep my wet pants on!!So I drove around a bit until I found one of those old fashioned garages that isn’t self service (there are still some!),got out and stood with my back to the car and my jeans jacket in front of me hiding the wet patch.I had already got a handful of cash ready so I didnt have to move around too much and risk showing the wet patch. After the guy had finished putting the petrol in I handed him the cash with a smile-yours truly was getting away with it again!But no-he said I was two pounds short!Smugness turned rapidly to panic.’Its Ok’, the guy said (he was about my age)-‘we take cards or you can pay by cheque even-come into the shop. . . ‘Although this was a small garage it was on the main road and close to shops-and people,so there was no way I could do that without embarrassing myself in front of quite a few people.There was only one option-I would have to take the lesser of two evils and throw myself on the mercy of the young guy serving the petrol. ‘I’m sorry’ I said’-I can’t walk across to the shop-I’ve had a bit of an accident’ I moved my jacket a bit so he could see the front of my jeans.I could feel myself getting red in the face and shaking a bit as I waited for his reaction. ‘Ah, right’ he said ‘that’s cool-don’t worry about it,I’m sure the boss can afford the two pounds.That sort of accident can happen to anyone’ I thanked him and drove off, reflecting that the smile on his face and the beginnings of an erection showing in the front of his jeans was telling me that my secret pleasure was something that maybe other people shared too. Did I learn my lesson though, about doing it in the car?Of course not-I just made sure in future to have plenty of petrol!

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  1. Wonderful. I’m sure that’s one mistake you only make once 😛 I hope you are going to share more stories!

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