More in common-*Fiction*

More in common
A work of fiction written by : JJBULLET

Hope you enjoy

Zachary just finished his semester in college and was going to surprised everyone by coming home. He especially wanted to surprise his kid brother Thomas who was a 18 year old senior in high school. You see they both had many similar interest but both only knew that they both were gay. One thing no one knew about them including themselves that they both had thing for making a mess in their pants when possible.
Right after Zachary finished his class he felt a shift in his body telling him he should head to the bathroom. Thinking he wouldn’t be able to indulge in his kink at home he decided to make a video of making a big mess in his Neon pink trunk style underwear. After which he showered and got decent to head on home in his multiple hour drive home.
A few hours later Thomas was just coming back home from sports practice that ran later then usual. Squirming in his car seat knowing that his parents were away for a few days; he knew what that meant for the evening of being a naughty, dirty guy. Here he was stuck at the traffic light right before his development thinking nothing of pushing a fart out to ease himself; well he got more than he bargained for and let out a bit of his mess. When getting home he was in a rush to capture his moment on camera in his room. While letting go he didn’t notice a car pulling into the driveway. 
Zachary wasn’t sure if anyone was home kind of disappointed when he came inside. Expecting to surprise his family in a few short minutes he would be the one being surprised. He saw a light on upstairs in his brother’s room thinking he was probably having working on homework he decided to barge right on in. Upon entering he saw his brother facing the door but having his jeans around his ankles but underwear still on playing with his bulge in the pouch. Being surprised he screamed and left the room quickly not noticing what was inside his brothers underwear quite yet.
Thomas frightened that his brother was there. He quickly pulled up his jeans squashing his mess a bit. He came down the stairs with his brother apologizing to him for barging in. He stood up not wanting to make his jeans have a stain was chatting for a bit. Zachary decided to comment that his brother being stinky.Thomas said he was about to go shower after having practice earlier thinking that would be a good reason. He turned around trying to act like there was nothing wrong.
Zachary quickly saw what was going on and said “boy did your butt get bigger”. He then go ahead to get right behind his brother and said “did little brother make a mess  in his pants”. His brother decided to face his older and admit to his brother that he didn’t make it to the bathroom on his way home from school. Zachary then said if that was the case why did I see you in your room playing with yourself? 
Thomas obviously was embarrassed from being caught in current state. Not knowing what to say. He looked at his brother who had a smile on, he became confused but looked down noticing that his older brother was sporting a bulge. His brother decided to speak up and told him he was in a similar state of his pants earlier on in the day. 
Going upstairs together Zachary helped clean up his brother. Both promising to not say anything to their parents about having another thing in common with each other.

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  1. Wow I’m looking for stories about girls however I’ve read this story and I’m genuinely suprized because my dick is rock solid and it has made me really horny AF and I have been trying my best to poo my pants. I have been pushing as hard as I can But I couldn’t poo. All this straining has made me wee myself pretty bad (or pretty ‘good’) but this accident is turning me on even more I feel like I’m about to cum from rubbing myself I can barely type this I’m trembling so much GOSH

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