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So Justin, my hitch hiking buddie has just crapped his pants, I asked him how it felt and he said awesome I told him I was ready for a nap and asked him if he could drive for awhile.

So we pulled over and switched drivers, when he walked around me I took a look at his rear and he had a good sized bulge in the back of his jeans for that matter he had a good bulge in the front of his pants. He took off driving and I said sitting in those poopie pants feels even better when your driving, doesn’t it? He said it did, every time he shifted, braked, or accelerated he could feel his load creep up around his balls.  I told him to wake me in about two hours and we’d find a place to stay for the night, with that I pushed a small load in my pants and was ready for my nap.
Justin had a funny way of getting me up, I woke up with someone feeling up my crotch, my dick was rock hard already and than I smelled his poopie pants and really was turned on.
Justin said he was ready to get changed we were just entering a pretty good sized town and I could see a Kmart coming up so I told him to pull in as we needed some supplies before we found a motel. We walked into the store Justin leading the way and I could see he had added a lot more to his load, you could see a bulge the size of a large orange and a little stain was coming thru his jeans. I told him we were out of diapers and to head to the pharmacy. We picked up a medium size bag of depends and a bottle of baby powder and headed to the checkout we got in line and the clerk kinda sniffed the air so I explainEd to her that my friend hah had an accident and needed his diaper changed.
About that time 3 high school age boys were in line behind us and you could him them laughing and pointing at Justin’s butt, little did any body know that  I had a full load in my pants as well. We got back to the truck and the boys still were laughing and calling us babies that needed their butts changed. I could see that Justin was very embarrassed but also very turned on, as was I. We found a motel and checked in with the motel guy checking us out pretty good as I was patting the backside of Justin knowing in a couple of minuets I got to change his poopie ass. To be cont.

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  1. Your 3 stories so far are very good.
    What a chance to meet a hitchhiker like Justin if real as you mention non-fiction!

  2. i know right!! wouldve loved that experience tehehe 😉

    Love these stories!! Keep them coming…don’t want it to end lol 😉

  3. I just read all 3 of your storys, they are GREAT!!! I also love to shit my pants when I go on the road, I will have to try picking up a hitch hiker. GREAT STORY DUDE!

  4. I think this is my favorite one of you series on this. I’ve had some fun with hitchhikers too and I like the direction this took with Justin!

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