Moom’s poopy day

Sally and I were at work as it was a weekday,but we heard the story when we got home as mom told us.It was Thursday and about 10am mom decided she wanted to go to the mall to walk in the cooler air there as it was really hot outside.The fact that she also was needing to poop just happened to be good luck.
She drove to the mall down in Ogden and parked at the rear.She went in through the sports store and enjoyed a nice walk for an hour in the air conditioned mall,looking in the store windows and enjoying the lovely smells from the Soap and Perfume store.She went into Dillards and had a look at dresses for summer wear and felt hungry,so she headed for the food hall and ordered a bowl of Chinese noodles with a hot sauce.She enjoyed that and had a coffee to wash it down,then fancied ice cream so she got a large cone and started to walk round again licking the ice cream.

By now the poop that needed to come out earlier was becoming more ready to come out,helped by the hot noodles and coffee.She walked into Sears and went up on the escalator to check out the household stuff while her bowels were starting to grumble about being overloaded.She slowly looked at all the washers and dryers and kitchen stuff and then the furniture and beds.She could feel that pressure building up inside her bowels so she moved slower to keep it all inside her a while longer.She found the women’s dress section and was looking through the dresses for her size and style when she got a tickle in her throat and just had to cough to clear it.Unfortunately the act of coughing made her lose concentration on holding her poop tightly inside and a small bit of poop slipped out and touched her panties.Now she was wearing slacks so she did not really want to fully poop her panties right there so she clenched her cheeks tightly,and hidden by the racks of dresses,she felt behind her to see how bad it was.It felt like just a tiny bit had escaped and there was no bulge to be felt and no damp patch,so she carried on checking the dresses.When she had finished with them she walked slowly to the arm chairs and couches,but as she walked she could feel a little more poop slowly coming out in spite of clenching her cheeks.She saw a nice comfortable brown arm chair just ahead so she walked a little faster and gently sat down in that chair.

There was a pile of cushions beside the chair,so she grabbed one and slipped it behind her back but the effort of leaning to grab the cushion made her lose control of clenching her cheeks again and a bit more poop slipped out into her panties.Now she could feel that there was a little more of a mound of poop at her butt,though she could not reach to check how much as it would be seen.She moved her butt a little in the chair and it felt like her poop was a soft one which she loved and it seemed to be intent on coming out right now no matter what she did to stop it.Mom decided that if she could not beat it then she might as well join it and relax.As she relaxed and stopped trying to hold it in she felt the soft poop gently slipping out and filling her panties as she eased up a little off the seat by lifting herself with her arms on the armrests.All too soon it was over and her panties felt really full and it was a nice soft warm mound filling her panties and making her butt feel so good.She could not support her weight any longer with her arms so she lowered her butt down into the seat,feeling the warm soft poop being spread all over her as the inside of her panties got really messy.It did feel quite wonderful of course but the problem was how to get out of there.

Suddenly an idea struck her.She had her store bag with the dress she bought at Dillards,so she could carry the bag hanging behind her to cover any stain in her slacks,so she could walk back to her car safely and enjoy the feel of soft poop moving inside her panties all the way.She looked all round and nobody seemed to be looking in her direction so she got out of the armchair as she held the bag behind her and checked the seat.The brown fabric hid a lot of the brown stain,so she flipped the cushion down on the seat to cover the stain completely and walked smartly out of the store with her bag swinging behind her all the way through the mall and back to her car.She opened the door and slipped into her seat after placing a plastic bag there to cover it.She drove all the way home smiling as she slipped on her poop as she rocked in her seat,feeling her lovely soft mess slipping over her pussy all the time,and she said that she orgasmed twice before she got home and she kept her hands on the wheel all the time.

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  1. ha your mom had some good fun sound just like you do to when you go to mall with sal your such poo fun loving ladies sxx

  2. I’d love to have been waiting for your Mom when she got home. I’d have offered to help her undress, and gently used a warm, wet tongue to lick the complete inner mucous membrane areas of her vulva completely clean of the scat – from the base of her vagina, (and within her vagina) up to her urethra, and all the way to the upper cleft of her labia majora. Swallowing her scat would be an honor, for she is the Mom of Debbie, and Debbie is the ultimate personification of all that is angelic and sweet.

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