Mom tames teacher

Not me but my mom.When she was at school back in history,lol,she was needing to poop quite badly in class nut had not planned on being naughty.Like a good girl she raised her hand and asked to go to the toilet.The teacher was one of those really bossy types who liked to show her power,so she refused to let her go as there was only half an hour to go to end of school.Mom could have held it that long but she decided she was not going to so she looked at a few of her friends in class and smiled as she pushed quietly and filled her panties as she raised her but off her seat to let it all come out.Then she sat down on it and wriggled in her seat to spread it all over.
The smell very soon spread and reached the teacher who asked who farted but was told that mom had shit her pants as she could not hold it and was not allowed to go to the toilet.Just then mom peed her panties too just to add to the mess and her pee went all over the floor as she was sent to the office.She complained that she had asked to use the toilet and was refused.That made her a hero with her friends because after that if they asked that teacher to let them use the toilet she never refused again.

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