Miss Nancy.’s poopy pants day care

My hand was trembling as I reached for the door bell. At last I was here at Miss Nancy’s poopy pants day care . In my case day and night care for a whole week. The door opened and she waved me in. I was looking her over as she shut and locked the door. She was around 5 8″ dressed in a white lab coat and black high heeled boots. She said to take a seat on the couch and I did. Well I am glad you follow directions so well, right on time. I think we are going to have a very nice week. She picked up a hand bell and rang it. In just a moment a young lady appeared , she was dressed in a nurse uniform, she was short about 5 foot 4 blonde. I could not take my eyes off of her the nurses out fit was white but made from a very transparent material. I had no problem seeing threw it and saw that she was wearing a very thick terry cloth diaper with clear pink plastic pants over them. My eyes traveled up and I then saw her large breasts were incased in a transparent rubber bra with nipple holes in it. To further my excitement. you could see that her large erect nipples had been leaking milk and made two wet spots on the front. Miss Nancy let me look for a couple of minutes then cleared her throat. As you indicated in your form, you wanted a nurse who was lactating, This is nurse Lisa your who will be with you during your stay, she will be handling all of your needs, wants and desires. As you have noticed she is in diapers and she both receives and gives. Just so you no there are no toilets at all here but you can wet and mess in a variety of items. Rubber, plastic pants , diapers. Panties any thing that you may enjoy. Nurse Lisa will also dress in and go in what ever you desire. You can wet and mess on her and have her do the same to you. The only limits are what you can think up. Nurse Lisa will handle all of your sexually desires, she will also spank or punish you in any way you may desire and , you can of course do the same to her. Now lets see if you followed the rest of my instructions, with those words I started to blush a deep red. Yes I had followed her instructions to a tee. She told me that she wanted me not to poo for two days and to have a full bladder as well. Further more she wanted me to be wearing underneath my street clothes a favorite outfit . Now stand up. Lisa remove his street clothes and lets see. I just stood there a Nurse Lisa removed my shirt removed it and unbuckled my belt and then pulled down my pants. I could only stand there head bowed in shame as the two woman looked at what her handiwork had reviled. After a moment Miss Nancy said, why that is a very pretty outfit, I can see that you are going to be lots of fun. I was wearing white sheer rumba panties with pink lace and a pair of transparent rubber baby pants. Everything was exposed to the two woman. Lisa finished removing my street clothes leaving just wearing those two items. Now empty your bladder, let all out into your rubber baby pants, with a cry of shame I released. you could her the hissing of the pee hitting the inside of the rubber pants and soon the crotch was hanging full of golden liquid. finally the last of it was out and in my rubber pants, As soon as my bladder was empty I started to get a large erection the excitement and humiliation of what I had just done was overcoming any shyness that I may have had. Such a good bay you are said miss Nancy, now show me if you fallowed the second part just as well. I placed both hands on the back of the coach and leaned forward, both ladies had a clear view of the back and the now pissed soaked rumba pants and rubber pants was hiding nothing. My erection was staring the front and started to push, A huge soft load started to push out the back of the panties and then the rubber pants as well. I bared down harder and the last of it was now in the panties. I was leaking pre cum from the excitement of what I had just did in front of them. I felt a small warm soft hand cup the back of my pants, feeling the large load. then her other hand reached around the front and started to masturbate my throbbing erection. Then the hand cupping the large load of poo started to mash it around into the panties as her other hand rapidly went up and down on my cock, I could not hold back and started to jet out cum as I almost passed out from the waves of pleasure. Miss Nancy said as the last of my cum spurted . Looks like we have a real pants pooper, Nurse Lisa get him to his room and into a fresh outfit , I will be there in a little bit. With that she turned and walked away. Nurse Lisa took my hand and started to lead me to are waiting room. Are you interested in having the story go on?

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