Piedmont Military Academy was one of the finest 
military Prep schools in the land. Parents send their sons 
to PMA For a highly disciplined structure that challenged 
each Student physically and mentally.
        Steve was a senior in the fall semester. Football 
season Had just ended and final exams were coming up just 
before The Christmas break. Steve was really into his body - 
He Was very, very lean and very, very muscular. He was about 
6'2"190 pounds of all muscle and had a very trim 34-inch 
waist. But Steve was having a lot of trouble with his 
classes and was close to being put on academic probation and 
losing his privileges.
        Paul lived just down the hall From Steve. Paul was much 
smaller and suffered the tauntings of Steve from time to 
time. Paul was small of frame - about 5'7"and maybe about 
155 pounds dripping wet. Paul was also very lean - he ran 
cross-country - but he lacked Steve's Muscle build. The most 
important thing though was that Paul was very smart and 
seemed to get perfect grades with Little or no effort much 
to Steve's resentment.
        Both Steve And Paul were taking a very tough chemistry 
course. The Course was given in two sections with Paul in 
the first Section on Mondays and Wednesdays and Steve in the 
second Section on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Steve knew that he 
had To do well on the Chemistry exam or he would be put on 
academic probation and lose his privileges. He came into 
Paul's room a couple of nights before the final exam and 
told Paul that he wanted the answers to the Chemistry exam 
>From Paul since Paul would be taking the first section and 
Would know the answers a day before Steve took the same 
        Paul Thought about it for a while and asked the 
professor what to Do. The professor said just to give Steve 
the wrong answers And that would teach Steve a lesson.
        The test day came and Paul gave Steve the wrong answers 
after he took the test just before Steve went into take the 
Same test. Well, the test results came out a couple of days 
Later and Steve was really shocked that he had failed the 
Chemistry exam and now was on academic probation.
        Steve was so mad that he went into Paul's room and tore 
it Apart. He figured out that Paul had deliberately given 
Him the wrong answers. In the process of tearing apart 
Paul's room Steve opened up his dresser drawers and 
discovered that Paul had just purchased a couple of packages 
Of brand new Jockey brand classic white briefs. Paul wore 
Size 32 and there were six brand new pairs stacked one on 
Top of the other that were not yet worn or laundered. Paul 
Had just finished stenciling his name and serial number 
inside the back part of the waistband next to the size tag 
As was required by laundry regulations to keep everyone's 
Underwear separated.
        Steve was livid with rage and by now he was just trying 
to do anything he could to vent his Anger at Paul. Steve 
noticed by this time that he had a huge urge to take a giant 
shit but was not through trashing Paul's room. Steve took 
off all this clothes and put on One of Paul's brand new 
snow-white Jockey classic briefs. It was size 32 and fit 
Steve a little on the snug side as He pulled it up over his 
hips into place. He smiled as he Adjusted the leg openings 
and the waistband for the exact Best fit and cradled his 
balls in the pouch of the brief. Nature took over and after 
about five minutes Steve grunted out one of the most 
gigantic loads he could remember. There was a mirror in 
Paul's room and Steve smiled at the huge Bulge hanging down 
between his legs. A couple of light taps with the palm of 
his hand gave him full reassurance that A giant, solid load 
was safely cradled in the seat of the Underpants. The cotton 
began to stretch and sag under the Heavy weight of the 
contents and the waistband began to slip A little as it 
struggled to hold up the laden brief with its massive load.
        Steve then very carefully lowered the brief from his 
waist Down to his knees and was taking extra care to make 
sure that nothing would happen to the huge load now safely 
swinging at the bottom of the brief. He stopped for a moment 
and spread his knees to keep the brief from dropping further 
and so only his legs could hold up the brief. Now he could 
look down and admire the brand new snow White Jockey brief 
and its solid contents.  A few minutes Later Steve waddled 
over to Paul's closet. He noticed A few clothes hangers of 
the kind that held pants upside Down by the cuffs with two 
solid wood bills that squeezed Together to hold the cuffs. 
He took an unused hanger and Used it to grasp the waistband 
of the freshly loaded brief and thereby have the hanger hold 
the brief with its loaded contents. He now Held up the 
hanger clinging onto the full brief and gave it A last 
admiring look as he hung the hanger very carefully In Paul's 
        There were no toilets in the rooms - They Were at the 
ends of the halls - and by this time Steve's Ass was pretty 
dirty from the experience of messing in one Of Paul's tight 
fitting size 32 Jockey classic white briefs.
        There was no toilet paper in the room so Steve looked 
for Some way to clean his butt when he noticed the stack of 
Remaining brand new classic white briefs -
        There were five Brand new pairs left from the two 
original three pair packages. Steve proceeded to take a 
brand new pair and use it to wipe his ass. It took several 
pairs To finally get his ass clean and he then placed the 
soiled briefs In the corner of Paul's closet on top of 
Paul's other dirty Clothes. There was one brand new pair 
left of Paul's Underwear and Steve put it on and admired the 
close fit and Feel on his body while he modeled the brief in 
the mirror.
        He had a huge hard on by this time and proceeded to 
masturbate in the closet with his white fluid dripping All 
over the pile of soiled underwear on the floor in the 
closet. Steve was a little tired by this time and put his 
Clothes back on and returned to his room. He took off all 
His clothes except the brand new brief and fell asleep in 
his own bed.
         About half an hour later Paul returned to his room 
with A couple of his friends. He opened the door to find the 
Room completely trashed and noticed a strange odor coming 
>From the closet. Upon opening the closet door he 
immediately saw one of his brand new white briefs hung Up in 
the closet containing a huge full load. On the floor 
Everyone also saw the other pairs of soiled briefs that 
Steve had used to wipe himself. But then one of the other 
People along with Paul noticed a brief on the floor under 
The soiled ones that was worn but not soiled like the 
others. They took a closer look at it and found that it Was 
a size 34 Jockey classic white brief and that it had Steve's 
name and registration number properly stenciled On the 
inside of the rear of the waistband.
        The tactical Officer was summoned to inspect and verify 
the situation And then everyone went up to Steve's room to 
see if Steve Knew anything about this series of events.
        The tactical officer pounded on Steve's door and Steve 
Promptly awakened and opened the door and stood at 
attention. The officer entered the room and with Paul And 
some others in attendance as well demanded that Steve 
explain what he knew of this sordid deed. Steve Said that he 
did not know anything about it and proceeded To deny any and 
all knowledge of what had happened.  While Steve was 
standing at attention Paul noticed that Steve was dressed 
only in a brand new white brief that seemed To fit a little 
on the snug side. Paul asked if that Brief he was wearing 
was Steve's and Steve said it was.  Paul Asked Steve why he 
liked them to fit so tight and Steve Simply responded that 
was the way he liked them. Paul Said that was his last pair 
of new underwear and that He could see that this was true by 
peeling back the Waistband and seeing whose name was 
stenciled on the Inside.  Steve immediately went into shock, 
as he knew That there was now proof positive that he had 
committed The soiling in Paul's room.  The tactical officer 
very Gently went behind Steve and peeled back the waistband 
Of the brief and verified that it was Paul's name and Not 
Steve's name on the waistband.
        The tactical officer Immediately restricted Steve to 
his room pending further Disciplinary action and further 
admonished him for not Telling the truth when confronted 
with the evidence of His dirty deed.
        The tactical office reported these events to the Dean 
of The school and the Dean immediately wanted to have Steve 
Expelled right away. But Steve appealed to the Dean and Said 
that he was very very sorry for what he did and that He 
would do anything to remain at the school so that he Could 
graduate later next semester. Steve was very very Worried 
about the effect that his expulsion would have on His family 
and his loss of the football scholarship that He was there 
on. Steve repeatedly begged the Dean to be Allowed to remain 
at Piedmont Military Academy.
        The Dean Finally decided to allow Steve to remain at 
the Academy But told Steve that he would have to agree to be 
subject To any disciplinary measures that the student 
committee On conduct would prescribe without any objection, 
REPEAT, Without any objection.  Any objection or refusal on 
Steve's Part to obey with the conduct committee's 
disciplinary Measures would cause immediate dismissal.
        So now it was up to the student committee on conduct to 
Decide on any punishment measures that Steve should endure 
In order to remain at the academy and graduate later in The 
        Most of the students were so revolted with Steve's 
actions that they wanted nothing to do with him and it was 
agreed that Steve would be shunned for the rest of the 
semester.  But a meaningful punishment had to be meted out 
to demonstrate that Steve's conduct was not acceptable.
        After some discussion of various measures that could be 
Imposed one of Paul's friends came up with a brilliant 
suggestion. He suggested that if Steve Enjoyed soiling in 
Paul's underwear so much that he should Be made to show 
everyone how that is done.
        It was then agreed that the punishment period would 
last for a minimum of Two weeks and that if Steve did not 
obey and comply that it would last some longer period of 
time. Steve was told that he would have to appear at the 
rear of the Dormitory hall at 7am each morning for the next 
two weeks to soil himself in front of everyone.
        Steve showed up the first morning at 7am. About 20 
other students were there to witness the event. Steve took 
off all his clothes and stood naked in front of everyone.  
Paul tossed to Steve a brand new pair of size 32 Jockey 
brand classic White briefs still in the original package and 
told Steve To put them on. They were purposely the same 
Exact size, style, and type that Steve had soiled.
        Steve put them on and proceeded to try to soil them but 
said that he could not go at this time. Steve was asked to 
go again but repeated his inability to extract a bowel 
        This happened for a third Time and Steve thought that 
he had gotten the best of everyone this first morning of 
punishment duty.
        Steve knew That he could probably sneak away sometime 
during the Day and use a toilet somewhere to relieve 
        But the conduct committee was ready for this apparent 
lack of responsive conduct by Steve. They asked for the 
final Time if Steve could soil himself immediately, Steve 
smiled And said NO.
        The brand new brief that Steve had just put on was 
immediately stripped off and Steve was again naked In front 
of the conduct committee.
        Then, much to Steve's Horror a large package appeared 
from the rear of the room.
        Steve was ordered to place his hands on the railing and 
Spread his legs apart. A couple of the committee members 
opened the package and inside it contained a dozen adult 
Sized white cloth diapers. The diapers were extra thick and 
had belt loops sewed in at the top of the diapers. They were 
designed to be held up with a belt and were not the Kind 
that used Velcro or safety pins. One of the committee 
Members put the diaper on Steve. Then someone else 
Approached with a belt to fasten the diaper tightly in 
Place. Steve gasped in shock as he noticed that a small 
Padlock was affixed to the belt to keep him from Loosening 
the belt and lowering the diaper. Steve could struggle a 
little and get his dick out to take piss if he needed to do 
that but it was impossible for him to lower the diaper below 
His hips as the tight fitting locking belt kept it firmly In 
        Steve was told that to make sure that he had a huge 
bowel Movement to produce every day that he would be 
required to Take his meals at a special table every day for 
breakfast, Lunch and dinner. And further, that if he soiled 
the diaper In any way that that would result in additional 
        Steve had to keep the diaper perfectly clean throughout 
The entire disciplinary period. The diaper would be Checked 
periodically each day and each time it was found even the 
Slightest bit soiled that would result in an additional 
Day's punishment. Steve began to take his meals at the 
Special table and found several bowls of oat bran, bran 
Flakes, and large amounts of ripe prunes awaited his dining 
Pleasure at each meal along with other fiber rich foods.
        Towards the end of the first day of "diaper training" 
Steve seemed to show some signs that Nature was beginning to 
rumble inside. He would be seen crossing his legs very 
tightly as the evening wore on And it began to be more and 
more difficult for him to Concentrate on doing his homework 
as he sat in his room Wearing the diaper and having his 
bowels begin to move More and more. Finally he cried out and 
said that he could Not hold himself any longer. But he was 
able to keep Himself from messing his diaper nevertheless. 
The sight  Of his buns, and balls swaddled in a tight, thick 
snow White diaper was really exciting.
        Early the next morning Steve seemed ready to explode. 
He was made to wait a few minutes beyond the appointed time 
Of 7am for his daily ritual and the way he squirmed got 
Everyone excited. He had to appear at the end of the hall 
for his Daily ritual. At 7am the conduct committee appeared 
and Unlocked Steve's diaper. While there were some sweat 
stains And some body oils the diaper was still clean much to 
everyone's surprise. Steve was handed a brand new pair Of 
size 32 Jockey brand classic white briefs and put them on. 
They fit really well. A little on the snug side and Steve 
proceeded to make sure the leg openings and the waistband 
were well adjusted and that his balls were Comfortable in 
the Jockey "Y" front pouch. The snow White brief glistened 
on his body.
        He then grasped the railing and began to let go with 
one of The largest eruptions of excrement that anyone had 
ever seen.
        The load became so huge that the waistband stretched 
and Struggled to hold the brief in place as the bulge grew 
and Grew to gigantic proportions. Steve had to spread his 
legs Apart to provide extra space for the load to spread. 
Steve Asked if he could lower the brief a little to make 
more room For the load to spread but was told that he could 
not touch The tight fitting brief until he was done. Steve 
grunted and groaned for about 10 minutes to complete the 
evacuation Of his bowels much to everyone's delight. In fact 
some Of the people watching began to chant GO! GO! GO! As 
Steve Strained to fill his white brief in full view of about 
20 watchful souls who were describing to each other every 
copious detail of the event. Of special note were remarks by 
several of the observers of how well the brief contained the 
load. The brief seemed to mold itself around the load and 
the leg openings sealed up perfectly so that there was no 
gap at all. Also, putting Steve on a high fiber diet seemed 
to pay off as the load was especially solid and did not leak 
through the white cotton of the brief. It was thought that 
Steve should be made to write a letter to the Jockey company 
to thank them for making such an outstanding product that 
worked so well and held up so perfectly under these 
challenging circumstances. But that was later thought to be 
a bit too much and that Steve should just concentrate on 
completing his punishment.
        Steve stood in the corner of the room facing the two 
walls And remained there as instructed for about 10 minutes. 
Then he had to enter a full squat position with his face In 
the corner and his butt facing out to everyone. This 
Position tightened up the already snug brief so that the ` 
Load spread further up towards his balls and back further Up 
his ass crack. The Jockeys were doing a fine job of Holding 
the load securely in place as Steve would squirm Around as 
he tried to maintain his squat position in front Of 
everyone. The bulge below was a real delight for everyone to 
see. Some of the observers took bets to guess How large it 
was and what size it weighed. A couple of The observers 
asked Steve how much he enjoyed wearing brand New Jockey 
brand underwear. Steve said that he enjoyed It a lot but 
would really prefer clean underwear. But Someone pointed out 
that his choice was either clean white Diapers or fully 
loaded white briefs for the next two weeks And Steve said 
that he preferred the clean diapers.
        He was then ordered to clean up and after showering he 
appeared for re-diapering for the next 24-hour period. Until 
the following morning where he would perform his morning 
duties again for everyone in attendance.
        During the next two weeks the same ritual was completed 
Every day. Sometimes things would be a little different. 
Steve got scolded for soiling his diaper from time to time 
And if he did not behave himself he would have do perform 
Some humiliating exercises while wearing his full white 
Jockeys. That seemed to provide the most entertainment For 
the observing students. Something about seeing a Grown up 
piece of beefcake do push-ups, sit-ups, and Squat thrusts, 
etc, etc, while wearing a full pair of New white briefs did 
seem to get some of the other guys Really excited. Maybe the 
most enjoyable thing was that Steve would then have to take 
off his soiled underwear Before he showered. But since he 
could not send them to The laundry in that condition he 
would have to wash them Out in front of everyone to the 
point where they could Go to the laundry for final washing. 
More often than not It took a lot of time to wash them out 
to the point where They could be laundered. Nothing less 
than snow white Would do for the observer corps in 
attendance. Lord knows How many hard-ons were started and 
maintained watching Steve perform his daily ritual. Seeing 
the bulk of the Diaper under Steve's pants during the rest 
of the day Send vibrations up everyone's back all the time.
        After the two-week period was over no one ever forgot 
the experience.
        Steve Had to purchase Paul all new underwear to replace 
the underwear he had soiled in Paul's room and replace the 
Other property he damaged. Hardly anyone talked to Steve For 
the remainder of the school year. When graduation Came not 
one person applauded as Steve stepped forward To accept his 
        Everyone only wished that Steve were wearing one of 
Paul's Size 32 Jockey classic white briefs while he walked 
across The stage to get his diploma, with full load, of 

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