Mike’s Humiliating Night Out

Mike & Amy had been dating now for 6 months. Things were going great & they were very much in love. Tonight, they had plans for their half-year anniversary to go out to supper & then to the local dance club.
Mike’s bowels had been acting up for the past week on account of his IBS but that didn’t usually stop him from going anywhere. He always made it to a bathroom on time. He was always able to hold it. Amy didn’t know about this little problem. He had kept it a secret from her.
It was a big supper consisting of a buffet at their favorite restaurant. There was beef, pork, chicken, pasta, all types of vegetables, deep fried food….you name it, it was there. There was also a wide range of delicious deserts. Mike was starving and wolfed down three plates full plus desert with two beer. “Omg….where did you put all that, honey?” Amy laughed at his enormous appetite.
Mik felt fine after the supper. He went into the bathroom for a pee & did not have any urge to do a number two.
They walked along the boardwalk until they came to the local club. It was jam packed with people. It usually was in the summertime. Mike ordered a drink each for him & his lady. Life was good. They had a few more drinks each and were both now feeling a little tipsy.
They danced and danced the night away. About an hour before closing, Mike felt a sharp pain in his bowels and let out a little gas. It stunk. “Phew….sorry, honey!”
Amy just laughed “You are disgusting, babe!”
They danced a little more in their half-drunken state when their favorite slow song came on. As they were dancing together, Mike got an immediate urge to defecate and he felt it was gonna be a lot. “I need a bathroom, Amy. Now!! Oh GOD!!” There were line-up at both bathrooms. He knew he wasn’t going to make it.
Mike ran outside the club and Amy followed….”Mike, are you alright?”
Just then, an explosion erupted in his pants. A torrent of solid, semi-solid and liquid feces filled his tight boxers and jeans to overflowing. Mike just couldn’t get his pants down in time nor could he whip his dick out to spare it from the disaster. “Oh fuuuuuuuck…..no! Ughh Arghhhh”.
His pants had filled from front to back, waistband to waistband. Mike just sat down in his mess and whimpered.

To be continued….

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