Mike and I.

We met at college in the Students Union bar. We were the only two there and got to chatting. He was good looking. Very good looking. What I really remember is that his blue gingham shirt was tucked down inside some tightly whiteys and they had risen a couple of inches or more above the belt on his cords. He was beautiful and as we chatted we discovered a fair bit in common. I noticed after about fifteen minutes that he smelled of pee. Not too much but enough to notice. I had to get to know him better. We had another couple of pints.

We found we enjoyed distance running and walking and climbing in the hills.

I went back to his room with him and we looked at photo’s of him in the hills with his Dad and younger brother. All the time I was noticing the smell of wee and it had to be coming from him. We agreed to meet the following evening and make arrangements to go to Derbyshire at the weekend. As we were talking I began to hold myself and told him I had better go to the toilet before I wet my pants again. At my saying again he looked really interested but holding myself I went to the toilet. I nipped into a cubicle, dropped my trousers and pissed in my Y Fronts. I really believed I might have the sort of climbing partner I was looking for.

The following evening I left my piss yellow underpants from the previous day where he could never miss them. They were liberally poop stained as well. I hoped he would like them. It was a chance I just had to take. We agreed our day out for Saturday and we went to my room. I was making coffee and out of the corner of my eye I saw him handing my undies. He quickly picked the up and looked at them and put them to his nose. I let him enjoy them and then made a noise as I came with the coffee. He threw them back and sat on the edge of my bed.

We chatted and he finally gave in and pointed to my pants and, a bit red in the face, asked me if I had wet myself. I looked a bit ashamed and told him the previous night after leaving his room I had not made it in time. Had I ever done it before he enquired. I told him I did sometimes have accidents because I could not hold for long. The latter bit was untrue of course. He said he had wet himself the previous afternoon while studying and leaving it too late.

Then he asked if I ever did it on purpose. I was not certain what to say but thought in for a penny in for a pound and agreed I did. He grinned and assured me he did as well. He suggested we go go for a walk on the campus and pee ourselves on one of the seats by the fountain. We did just that and sitting in the moonlight we discreetly held one another’s crotches whilst we folded our pants. Walking back to my room we held each other’s wet bottoms. Mike stayed in my room that night.

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