Mike and Dr. Smith: A Constipation Fantasy Story

It was a calm spring night in the city, and in a generic apartment building, a young man who went by Dr. Harris was in his house one night, waiting for emergency calls. The weird thing was that Dr. Harris wasn’t even a real doctor. He was a accounting major in college and worked in a generic corporate office by day. “Dr.” Harris was a special kind of doctor. He made “house calls” to those who suffered from severe, chronic constipation and helped them shit. He was well-known in scat fetish circles, and videos showing him assisting his “patients” in defecating had accumulated thousands of views on various sites. As Dr. Harris sat in his chair, masturbating to videos of shitting guys (he enjoyed the whole spectrum of poop, from pure liquid diarrhea to the rock-hard shit pebbles that were a trademark of constipation), his phone buzzed, indicated a text message.

“Hello, Doctor. It’s Mike – I think I need another house call ;)” the message said. Mike was one of Dr. Harris’ most loyal “patients.”

“I’ll be there in less than an hour,” Dr. Harris texted back.

Dr. Harris picked up his bag – which contained laxatives, suppositories, and enema bags (among other shitting aids), along with a camera – and left his apartment. He made the roughly 30 minute trip to Mike’s house in the suburbs, and rang his doorbell.

“Oh Dr. Harris, it’s so good to see you, I could really use your assistance,” Mike told Dr. Harris when he arrived. Mike was a older, single man who had moved to the suburbs for some relative peace and quiet. Mike, who was once a professional athlete, was always large for his height. After retiring, however, he had let himself go and was now very chubby under normal conditions.

As Dr. Harris set himself up in Mike’s basement, he knew right away that he was in for a very exciting case. He noticed right away that Mike’s stomach was far bigger than normal – well over twice, if not three times, its normal size. Mike was also in considerable discomfort.

“Your stomach is huge! When was the last time you shit?” Dr. Harris asked.

Matt had to take a few moments to think about it. “The last time I shit was . . . whenever you were here last, Doctor.”

With that answer, Dr. Harris had to go to his phone to look up the last time he visited Mike – nearly 3 weeks ago! “I can’t believe you’ve gone this long without pooping – and judging by the size of your stomach, you’re holding in a lot of shit! You should be proud of yourself for holding in so much shit for so long. How did you do it?”

“Well, the day after you last saw me, I ate 2 entire extra-large cheese pizzas, then the next day I ate a bunch of hamburgers and hot dogs,” Mike replied. “Eating a ton of meat and cheese can really clog my bowels up, especially if I don’t eat any salad or veggies – which I didn’t, at least not for the first few days – and that started my constipation streak. Then afterward I just ate like an elephant, and held in my shit every time I had the urge. I’ve had a very urgent need to shit for the last five days now, but I’m so stopped up I can’t push anything out. I’ve tried to shit at least a dozen times since yesterday morning, I strain and struggle for hours but nothing comes out except for some extremely foul-smelling farts. I probably should have called you a few days sooner.”

Dr. Harris nodded. Looking further into Mike’s file on his phone, he noticed an interesting pattern. “Mike, it seems like you’re holding it in longer and longer each time I visit you! You must be getting off on this somehow, aren’t you? It’s okay to admit it – the truth is, I do too,” he said.

“Yes!” Mike exclaimed, “I love being so badly constipated! I love to eat lots of food and not shit for days, even weeks at a time! I love the sensation of having every inch of my bowels stuffed to the brim with shit, and I love struggling to push out huge asshole-gaping turds! It makes me so horny! I almost cum just thinking about it all! Most importantly, I don’t want to shit without you around to help me . . . Oh, Doctor, please forgive me for abusing your services! I can’t help it . . . just help me shit please. I’m not sure how much longer I can take it!”

Dr. Harris smiled. “Of course. My job is to help you defecate.” It was always nice to see yet another “patient” profess his fetish for holding it and pushing out hard constipated turds, and his need for Dr. Harris’ unique services.

Not long afterward, Mike was ready to be “treated” for his severe constipation. While Dr. Harris set up the camera to record the session for posterity, Matt laid down with his back on the floor, his heavily distended abdomen pointing up much like a hill. Dr. Harris then proceeded to “examine” his patient. He took one of his fingers and inserted it into Mike’s asshole. Dr. Harris couldn’t even get his finger fully inside Mike – his rectum was stuffed with hard, thick shit all the way to his anus. “That’s going to be a problem,” he said. “I can’t even get my finger in, there’s so much shit inside you. If I can’t get a finger in, I can’t give you an enema, so that’s out . . .”

“Wait . . . leave it there . . . that feels really good,” Mike interrupted. Mike’s horny, perverted mind then came up with its own plan. “Maybe . . . you could force my asshole to gape open . . . and I might be able to push this thing out.”

“I can do that,” Dr. Harris smiled. He then proceeded to work Mike’s ass. It started with one finger in his butthole, after almost 10 minutes of work, the Doctor was able to get a second finger in. Mike moaned in pleasure as the Doctor gradually stretched his hole open, his cock slowly becoming erect in reaction to the anal pleasure he was receiving.

“Hold on . . . I think I can push something out,” Mike moaned after receiving another ten minutes of anal stimulation and stretching by Dr. Harris. The Doctor removed his finger as Mike struggled to push out some of his constipated shit. The first few unassisted pushes by Mike yielded no shit, but did release a series of some of the foulest smelling farts Dr. Harris had ever smelled. “My goodness those are some very rancid farts!”, Dr. Harris exclaimed. “You’ve likely been backed up for so long that not only is there a massive amount of shit inside of you, but all that undigested food in your shit – and maybe even the shit itself – is literally rotting inside you!”

Mike continued to push, and after several more minutes, he managed to produced some small shit pebbles. After several minutes of even more intense pushing, Mike was able to push out a rock-hard, dark brown, baseball-sized piece of shit. “Oh yeah . . . that really opened me up good,” he said, “and it felt so amazing, it almost made me cum . . . here comes more!” Mike began pushing again, moaning in an agonizing yet somehow amazing combination of pain and pleasure. “Oh yes! I want this . . . I need this . . . gape my asshole and make me cum!” Mike moaned. His rock-hard cock began to slowly ooze pre-cum. After several more minutes, he produced an even thicker shit rock, the passage of which induced an full-fledged orgasm in Matt – his legs shook while his penis shot out a fountain of cum.

Doctor Harris was aroused by Mike’s constipation struggle as well, resisting the urge to masturbate while examining Mike’s shit. “This is by far the hardest set of turds I have ever encountered, and you’ve just started to shit. I don’t even think you’ve gotten to the thickest shit yet – I can only imagine how large your biggest turd will be!”

Meanwhile, Mike continued to push. Eventually, the tip of what would be a hard, knobby turd emerged. After another 15 minutes of pushing, he was able to produce a turd measuring over four inches wide and nearly three feet long – and another body-shaking anal orgasm. After a brief break, Mike continued the chore of expelling the three weeks’ worth of shit stocked in his bowels. Once again, the first few inches of what was surely another super-hard and extremely thick turd came out, but additional pushing proved unable to move the shit.

“Doctor, I can’t shit this turd out!” Mike said. “I think it’s too thick – I need your help!”

This was Dr. Harris’ favorite part of the job – the opportunity to be a shit midwife. After re-examining the situation, he came up with a plan. “It looks like you have a few inches of shit sticking out of you already. I’m going to grab that end of the turd and pull it out of you while you push. With my pulling and your pushing, we should be able to get that huge turd out.” The “doctor” assumed a position between Matt’s legs while grabbing the partially-defecated shit. Once Dr. Harris had a firm grasp, he gave Mike his order: “Push!”

Mike pushed while the doctor pulled. At first, the turd refused to bulge, but after several more push-pull motions, the shit began to move. Amazingly, the turd got thicker and thicker before reaching its ultimate width – it appeared to be around six inches thick! It was by far the largest turd Dr. Harris ever seen! “OH YES!!!!” Mike exclaimed as the thickest part of the turd exited his body. The intense pain of his asshole being stretched so wide, combined with the incredible pleasure of the turd massaging his sensitive prostate, resulted in his biggest orgasm yet. Meanwhile, Mike’s megaturd continued to grow in length as he continued to push in tandem with Dr. Harris’s pulling. The duo both looked in awe as more and more of this singular, dark brown, rock-hard, knobby shit emerged. After nearly an hour of hard work (and several more orgasms), Mike’s constipation-induced megaturd masterpiece was completed. The final product was over six inches wide and nearly six feet long! Passing such a huge turd left Mike’s asshole with a massive, four inch wide gape! Meanwhile, all the orgasms Mike had while passing the megaturd resulted in the formation of a decent-sized puddle of cum on his chest where his cock released his sexual fluids.

“Wow!” Dr. Harris exclaimed. “I’ve been helping the badly-constipated shit for years, and I’ve never seen anyone create such a massive turd like this before! I’m so proud of you, Mike.”

“I didn’t know I could even make a shit that huge, even as badly constipated as I was,” Mike replied with a smile. “This has been one incredible experience . . . but I’m not even done shitting yet!”

Mike then stood up and assumed a squatting position. With his asshole still gaped wide open, the next two turds simply slid from his ass with virtually no effort on Mike’s part. The third turd was a medium brown color, was much less knobby than the first two turds, and when fully expelled, measured roughly four inches wide by about three feet long. The fourth turd was completely smooth and proved to be equally as long as the third turd, but was even slimmer measuring just shy of three inches in diameter. All together, Mike had produced over 15 feet of solid turds in just this one session.

Unbelievably, despite all the shit he had created up to this point, Mike was not yet done defecating. He moved a few inches over, away from the turds he had just created, and resumed unloading his bowels for one final wave of shit. Unlike his previous efforts, this wave was composed of loose, runny, light brown shit that his body created in just the past several days – ironically, due to his severe constipation, it never got the chance to properly enter his colon and become firm. Mike’s paradoxical diarrhea flowed almost continuously from his still-gaping ass for nearly five minutes, forming a sloppy mountain of shit that stood over 9 inches high and spread out to nearly 2 feet in diameter. It was stuffed with clearly visible pieces of partially-digested food, mainly nuts, seeds, veggies, and salad greens. With this last wave of diarrhea, after nearly two hours of work, Mike had completely emptied his bowels.

“Amazing,” Dr. Harris said. “I have never seen anybody create this much shit. Also, do you even bother chewing your food? I’ve never see so much actual food in shit!” he commented, noticing all the undigested food in the pile of sloppy shit Mike had created. Mike and Dr. Harris found peanut pieces, sesame seeds, lettuce, cabbage, and spinach shreds, corn kernels, peas, beans, and chunks of carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and much more. Mike and Dr. Harris spent nearly 15 minutes examining the multiple shits. The two were very clearly satisfied with their results. They then spend the rest of the evening cleaning up all the shit.

“This has been the single greatest shitting experience of my life,” Mike said after they had finished cleaning up. “I want to relive this over again!”

“You’ll have a copy of the video footage from this session in a few days,” Dr. Harris responded. “Would you like to have this video uploaded online? Your face will be blurred, as is standard for all publicly uploaded videos of my patients. I have a good feeling this is going to make a legendary scat video . . .”

“Sure, I’d love to have the world enjoy seeing me push out my constipated shit as much as I did doing it myself,” Mike replied. “Once again, thank you for your help Dr. Harris.

“No problem,” Dr. Harris responded. “That’s why I’m here, to help you shit when you can’t do it yourself. If you’re ever suffering from severe constipation – and I know you will, soon enough – you know where to find me. See you next time, Mike.”

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  1. Awesome story. Just saw this. Wish I had a special doctor to help me with my backed up shit.

  2. @Eboyhou, due to a change In meds, I have had a rough last few weeks with being ultra constipated, I tried suppositories, laxatives , enemas. Some worked some did not. I took correctol that my friend Nikki gave me and which I have never taken before. I took the first dose and nothing happened so I took more the next morning and by early afternoon it hit me hard and unexpectedly. Tried desperately to get to the restroom but pooped my pants while waiting on line at a Starbucks . After getting cleaned up. I got more cramps and diarreah and had yet another accident on the way home. While this cleaned me out for the moment, I was backed up again 3 days later. I have quit the meds and going for a colonic this week.

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