Messy walk from the Post Office

This morning, although my bowels were telling me they needed relief, I had to go to the post office. I got there (on foot) ok but on the way home I relaxed a little and felt a little soft poo slip out into my stretchy boy short style panties. It felt good nestling between my cheeks as I walked home. I went straight to the car to get my phone and as I bent over I felt an involuntary release of what felt like a substantial quantity of very soft poo add itself to the mess in my panties. I straightened up, hoping that my trousers were not showing a moist brown stain and hurried into the house where I quickly removed my shoes and trousers. I was relieved to see that there wasn’t a mark on the trousers. Despite my earlier releases, there was still more poo waiting and now, without any hesitation, I gave a firm push and felt another large load ooze its way into my panties, more than doubling what was already there. Ooh, it felt so good that I didn’t want to clean up so I went to my bedroom, put a bed mat on the bed and sat down, feeling the soft poo oozing around my balls. I then lay down and had a wank in my smelly well filled badly stained and oozing panties.

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  1. Mmh! Great story would you ever try diapers? Or was this your first time doing this? Feel free to message me if you’d like^^

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