messy diaper/ pantie update

Hey! So, good news! :o) I finally got my PayPal up & running. I know some of you have been wanting to purchase some of my dirty belongings that I’ve “messed” in – now you finally can! I’m super excited to share this with you all! I love making my dirty messes & now that I can share my messes with you – just excites me SO much! & By excite, well, you know what I mean. ;o) I absolutely love being the naughty girl that I am & to explore new horizons of this fetish turns me on SO very much!

Below are my prices:
*$10 for wet panties/diapers + shipping
*$19 for poopy panties/diapers  + shipping

Please respond to this message & include what you are wanting to purchase from my naughty girl collection & your adress. :o) Thanks so much, everyone! I’m looking forward to sharing these moments with you as much as I can. ♥

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