Messy at Macys

I enjoy pooping my pants in public. I do it as often as I can but lately I haven’t had the opportunity so today I thought I would change that!

I went to my local mall. On the way there I was farting a lot and I knew I was ready to go. I was a little nervous about it because I was just wearing grey shorts and a black t-shirt with boxer briefs underneath. I usually prefer wearing jeans just in case the mess leaks out of the underwear. Also bulges on jeans are much less noticeable.

I arrived at the mall and decided to buy some wet wipes at target first to help with the cleanup. After purchasing them I walked around the mall slowly looking for the right place to mess myself.

I decided on Macys because they have nice spacious bathrooms. I made my way to the upper level (same level as the bathrooms) and found a cute employee. I asked her if she could answer some questions about a vacuum cleaner (I truly didn’t care about the vacuum cleaner). As she started talking I began pushing and almost immediately I fully pooped my pants! At the end it made a bit of a popping fart sound.

I’m not sure if she heard but she did look at me a bit funny at that moment. This is where I try to make things last as long as I can.. I just hung out and continued listening to her. I could smell myself now. I tried to keep cool and not let on that anything happened just yet but was only able to last a few seconds.

I interrupted her and said, “I’m really sorry could you tell me where the bathrooms are?” – I wanted SO BAD to say, “I think I pooped my pants” but I just couldn’t do it. I’m sure she knew anyway.

I made my way to the bathroom and cleaned up.

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  1. One time many years ago I was also at Macy’s and wanted to poop my pants really bad. I went to the men’s underwear section of the store and purchased an brand new 3 pack of snow white Jockey full rise briefs. I went into the men’s room and locked myself in one of the toilets. I took off my clothes and hung them on the hook inside the door. then I put on one of the new briefs and sat on the toilet. I
    instantly got a huge hard on and pushed out a giant load into the new undies. they fit sort of tight and the load spread up my crotch and back up my ass crack. I jerked off then and then lowered the brief.
    I took the brief off and flushed the load down the toilet and rinsed off the brief the best I could. I then took a huge amount of toilet paper and wiped my butt and crotch and balls clean – it took a long time
    and many flushes – but felt soooo good. I then put on one of the other brand new pairs of undies and put my other clothes back on. I out the undies I just shit in and rinsed off in the packaging the undies
    came in and threw them away as I left the bathroom and put the remaining brand new pair in my pocket and left to walk around the store and the mall. It was really great.

  2. Nice! I have messed myself so many times in department stores I’ve lost count. One of my favorite spots is TJ Maxx but I fear people are starting to recognize me haha.

    I pretty much always throw away the underwear when I mess in public and I always carry wet wipes on me discretely for the occasion. It just makes cleanup so much easier and I feel cleaner once it’s all done.

    I would love so much to mess around someone though. I’ve messed so many times and walked past people but pretty much my limits have been to get the “did he just?…” reaction out of people. Leave them wondering. And if anyone figures it out I’m pretty much already gone by then. But I would really love just for once to mess myself in front of someone who absolutely knows that I’ve done it. It would be such a thrill.

  3. I went to Macy’s once with my Boyfriend (We have a Daddy Dom relationship and he likes the idea of the littles wearing diapers) And we were walking past a worker and I had farted and messed myself right in front of her and my Boyfriend just patted my butt and my diaper was so saggy it almost showed from my skirt!

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