Messing With a Friend in College


For some reason I had always had this urge to poop in my underwear. So one day I decided that maybe I should and it was the naughtiest thing I’ve ever done. But I never really had the chance to wear a diaper until college. That’s where I met my roommate/friend Anthony. One day I went out to the store to get some things and came back to find that he had a paper in his hand. Once I realized what it was, I quickly grabbed it back, but it was too late. He asked what it was and I was forced to tell him that it was a diaper fantasy I had been thinking about and decided to write down. I was so embarrassed but to my amazement, he said he liked pooping himself too. I asked him if he wanted to play in diapers together during the next weekend and he said yes. So on the next Saturday, I headed to the store and bought some adult diapers and laxatives for both of us. When I got back, we each undressed and exposed each other’s eager boners. I handed him a diaper while I put on mine and then we each put on some compression shorts over it. I then turned on the tv and we both took three times the recommended dosage of laxatives followed by three bottles of water. Pretty soon we both really had to go pee and poop so he put on some sexy music to get in the mood. Anthony said that he would go first so I laid on my back and he put his butt against my crotch. A couple of seconds later I heard him grunt and felt his diaper expand and my boner started to grow even longer. He then started grinding his messy load against my diapered crotch while I grabbed his legs. After holding back my cum for a few minutes, I finally said that it was my turn and so we switched places. I placed my butt on his crotch and pushed until I could feel the mushy mess envelop my buttcheeks. Since I was pressed against his crotch, the hot, wet mess covered my balls too. Then I could feel Anthony start to rub my diapered butt with one hand and my crotch with the other. This time, I almost came all over my poopy mess and told him to stop before I did. He complied but then he rolled over and told me to rub my mess against his. After a few minutes, I looked at his erotic, diapered butt and got an even better idea. I waddled over to the kitchen and grabbed a small knife. I then came back and cut a small hole in the back of his diaper and one about the same size in the front of mine. With one motion, I stuck my throbbing boner out of my hole and slipped it into his. I could feel that my boner was under his buttcheeks and as I slid it beneth them, he grunted again and a massive amount of wet poop covered my dick. I shuttered but kept going until I felt his rock-hard boner with mine, then started to hump his diaper. I could feel that I was about to cum when I heard Anthony start gasping. I knew he had cum inside his diaper and when I could feel his hot, steamy cum wash over my dick, I couldn’t hold it back and I went limp as the biggest load ever came shooting out of my boner. We both were cuddled together with our diapers pressed tight for the rest of the day. The next day, we decided that we should do this every weekend for the rest of our lives. And every week, I always think of new things we can try when we get together and play in our messy diapers.

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  1. So hot. I dumped a hot stinker in my pants while reading. I love smudging the poopy around my pants. Awwww just busted a fat nut too

  2. very nice I know how good that feeling is and have done it numerous times with my bf. I love to make a mess too, great story and keep up the good writing !!

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