Messing myself again ;)

Last night I got home from the pub spoke to my mum and sister then had a thought I needed to pee 🙂 so I went upstairs put a pull up on under my boxers then put my Jeans back on and went down stairs to watch tv and let go 🙂 wetting my pull up then my mum came in so I stopped and sat there infront of her in a wet pull up and she didn’t even know 🙂 so they all went to bed and I felt my ass move so I let go and pooped my pull up while wetting it a bit more went up to my room and smooshed it all around my but then put a towel on the bed and slep in my messy wet pull up and boxers all night 🙂 xx and it felt amazing 🙂 xx

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  1. its always so much fun doing that when people are around and they dont know….love the smooshing and sleeping in it too!

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