I had a friend who liked to mess his pants in school. It was 5th or 6th grade and he forced a load into his pants at lunch recess. When we went back to class half of the class knew he shit himself and about three other boys knew he did it on purpose including me. I was intrigued because I had never done any of this and especially on purpose. So To add interest the teacher called our names to come up to the front of the class and get our book reports. His name was called and he got off his seat and squatted down and walked that way to the teacher and raised up real fast and got his report and dropped right down in the squat position back to his seat. He put his leg underneath in a tucked fashion so he wouldn’t sit right down on his lump. Our school was old and had windows all open because it was warm out. So the teacher just let him keep that mess in his pants and never asked him to go to the nurse. That was cool! The next day I asked him about pooping and he replied it is fun and I should do it in my pants. I didn’t poop but I did wet myself in that class. I pooped myself around 7th grade and in school like how he did it.

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  1. That reminds me of a boy who did the exact same thing in my school. He would dump a load in his pants at least 2 or 3 times a week and always sit on his foot to keep from squishing his poop. He would always be poopy all day in class.

  2. I pooped my pants in school on purpose also. I’m guessing it started at around 10 years old. Bullies tormented me ruthlessly in the playground. I’d turn and face the wall then spread my legs and poop in my pants as they watched. I have to admit I found it to be exciting as boys began to comment that they could see I was pooping in my pants. This was followed by being bent over the bleachers and the bullies then smearing poop all over me inside my pants. I also liked to play chicken while in class. I’d start giving quick pushes. Eventually they began to become harder and longer. It was exciting to get to the point to where I knew if I didn’t stop I would poop in my pants. On a few occasions I would stop but in most occasions I took it to the point of no return. I loved to sit in it and rub myself back and forth on my seat. Needless to say this created sexual overtones. The classrooms back then had big banks of windows that were open as mentioned above and also as it was mentioned above I too had to sit in my soiled pants all day which I liked. Though some don’t believe these things actually happened back then and insist they’re made up fantasies I can attest that it was true and really did happen.

  3. I peed myself more than messed but I did a few times. When I was 11 I had an autistic friend that would pee her pants with me. I would touch her butt and vagina behind the school. She wasn’t a good wiper and very vagina was very stinky and at the time I assumed all girls were like that. A few times we both pissed and shit our pants and were sent home, I actually tasted her poop once but I dint like it.

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