Messed myself in public

I like to judge people’s reactions if they know you have had an accident.

Last weekend I saved up 3 days worth of poo, ready to do it in public again. I went to a nearby town where I new some good busy public toilets, these were on the other side of a large carpark and just a short walk from the bus stop.
I wore blue pants and light beige shorts. I hung around the car park and began to act as if I was not well, and pretended to be sick. I soon got some reactions from mainly older women who asked if I was ok. I just said yes to begin with. Then I saw a woman who may have been in her forties coming towards me. I put on a show of being unwell and she asked if I needed any help. I said I had bad stomach ache. And she pointed to the toilets showing me where they were, she walked of in front of me, and as I began to follow her I decided that now was the time to have my accident. I just let it go in my pants, poop and wee.
The woman then turned round and saw me standing motionless and came back to me, and asked what was the matter, I simply said ‘I’ve messed myself’
She said not to worry and she walked me to the toilets, just as the toilet cleaner was leaving the toilets. She told him of my accident and the cleaner let me in the disabled toilets. I was nervousness of my next thought, but I said it anyway. I asked the woman if she would help me out, and to my amazement she said she would. The toilet attendant came back with an old pair of shorts which he said had been found in a cubicle.
She slowly pulled my shorts off and gently pulled my pants down, revealing my rock hard penis. She cleaned my bottom and testicles, and gave me a good wash round. 

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