Messed my self

Well I had a long day at work, and it was a good day at work, Had a nice big lunch at work and raided the fridge for dinner, nothing was left in the small fridge after I had finshed with it. 

I was started to pack up to go home for the next two nights as I had been there for two days stright, and needed a nice long relax, and to fix my hottub that had broken down a few weeks prior to my cussen coming over. 
Any ways before I left the office, I made a pit stop to the bathroom to take a piss, I seen a guy from another office show up and we started to chat while talking a piss, we both farted a bit, and we laughed a bit, we were checking eachother out, (I see him alot now- sexy bear he is) 
any ways, I left the office and the automatic door locked behind me and I got in to my junker truck that I’ve owned for ever, alot of stuff has happened in that old truck, any ways 
I got out of the city. While the ac was blowing on my face I let a few go, and smelled how bad they were, and quickly opened the windows,
I knew soon I would have a shit of my life, I knew I had to hold it in till I got home or some where I could have some quite time, to let this monster out. I started to get near one of the stops i have stoped at before, but I noticed there were a few cars there and I could wait much longer till I had to let this snake out,
I went to the gas station about a half hour out of my house, I knew I had to shit even more now, but my truck needed some gas, I filled up my truck while leting big farts out and quickly payed, I asked the person running the cash if I could use a bathroom and they told me some one was jsut went in and they have the key, I troted around back to the bathroom door and pounded on it, and herd some one say “sorry I”m going to be in here for a while” 
I was in a town so I could not go behind a bush with out geting in shit, I jumped back in my truck that was full of gas just like me, and I started to feel like this monster was touching cloth, I knew I am going to be late with this dump of mine,  
I started to go a bit faster to my house, 
I noticed my underware were geting warm. I felt like I had just pissed my self, I got about 5 minuits from my house, and by this time more of this monster was touching cloth, 
I unziped my pants a bit as it was quite warm. 
I drove up in my drive way, expecting to get up and dash to my little outhouse, I got out of my truck slowly, while keeping my ass checks clenched together, and I started to feel the load move in on my white underware I grabed my ass and tryed as hard as I could to block my hole while I lunged towards my outhouse, I felt more shit sliding out in my my draws, I unlacted my fence door, and just about gave up I keeped going towards the outhouse door, but it was tolate my ass gave way and a bit steaming load came rushing out, filling my underware and shit was all in my crack and my underware. Two giant logs, came russhing out, and some wet farts came along, makeing me hard as a rock. I took my pants off and tossed them in to my laundery bucket of messed clothing, I wash with my shops washing macheen,I pulled my underware to my feet and looked at the nice load, I had given my pants, and put them back on and let another piss out in them. 
I had a long jerking session and cleaned up afterwards and then had to rush to my outhouse a few hours later in the dead of night because of that food, It was all wet steamy dierhara im glad I did not have that in my pants, 

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  1. lol thanks man, my tolite inside my house broke years ago and I’ve been to lazy to fix it,

    the thingfor the warter or something broke, and I was still shitting in my house house for a few years before that even happend, i keep a shit and piss bucket inside just for that emergency that happens

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