Messed my pants for all to see

I was desperate for a poo. I had waited so I could do it in the public toilets. However this time i had timed it wrong, or riight perhaps. The toilets were closed for cleaning and there were a few people waiting outside. I put on a display that i was clearly desperate. Then I though shall I shit myself in front of these people? I just let it go in my pants. I made it clear that I had messed myself, and a pee stain was developing in the font of my shorts. One person said to go in the toilets. Is net in and the lady who was cleaning told me to leave, then I told her I had messed myself waiting. She locked the door and askedcifvi would like some help. I was not sure what to say, but I said ok and she gently undid my shorts and slid then down followed by my underpants. Bear in mind I was 17 at the time and I had an instant boner. She wiped and washed me, and then went into a cupboard and offered me some pants. They must have been lost property. I really wished she had given me a hand job!  

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