Messed my pants at McDonalds this morning

I got up this morning abd to McDonals for a couple sauge mcmuffins with somecfreinds. They need help moving so we went in my truck. Well I’ve fiund that mc muffins work in you quick and I felt it coming so I headed to the mens room. There was one stall and one urinal. The stall was locked and the urinal was occupied by a friend.

I tried to hold on but a littkecstarted comming out into my briefs. The more I tried to hokd on more came out. My freind says you better check you drawers u think you shit your pants. Just as he said lat a loud skortch came from my ass. My brief were overloaded. They were cery right and the leg bamd held everyrhing from leakinf but of couse as the spare room disapeared shit flowed bettween my legs and up my crotch for open space

At this point my buddy is laughing uncontrolably. My shortscwere starting to turn brown and a stormed out runnung the gauntlet of tables to the exit. Of couse a very observant 4 year old saw the bulge and vrown stain and yelled look mommy that guy pooped his pants!

Now fully embarrasssd with fully loaded btiefs I stood by my truck and waited fir my freinds to come out. I toosed my keys to my one freind and told him I was riding in the bed. Fortuneatly my freinds newcplace had a private back yard and I had pair ifworkout clothes so I went out back to carefully undress, hose myself off and rinse my soiled clothes out. When my friends tackled me and caused a wardrobe malfuntion. I tried to sit up but I was sliding around in my pants creating even more of a mess.

I finally got chaned and hung my shity briefsc on his cltheline as a house worming gift!

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