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Just a fair warning I’m probably a huge pervert

Spanking, Diapers, Scat(mostly just poop diapers and underwear), Anal penetration, Pokemon, Dragons, Ponies(MLPfim).
Sissyfication,Forced orgams, Cross Dressing, Enemas, rimming, facefarting, beastiality, humiliation, Degradtion, Watersports, Forced into having an orgasm
Also like to be hogtied and spanked and would like to be tied and forced to be fucked in the ass, and would liked to be tied up given an enema and force to use my diaper. Also would like to be bounced on the knee, given a rectum temp, have butt plugs, dildos and anal beads in my ass. And wouldn’t mind dog cock in my ass either. Also would like to be bottled fed and held like a baby and burbed. And would like to be urinated on
Being Dominated and forced to have an orgasm against my will then forced to take a cock inside my ass and cum inside
And let me know if any of you masturbated to my photos.
Furry, Dragon, MLPFIM and Pokemon porn
Rubbing my noise in my own shit after pooping my diaper so I smell it as punishment

What I liked to be spanked with
Belt, Cane, paddle, hand, whip, carpet beater and other items. Being bull whipped or horse whipped
Being fucked by a dog(or have me be fucked by a dog as punishment)
Being hogtied and then urinated on and having my body pooped on. Face farting & rimming.
Feeling embarassed a good a way to do this is record my farts and post it online should I do a farting video?

Moltres & Lycanroc farting in my face
Espeon farting in my face
Wet panties farting.
Being raped by Moltres

People masturbating at my nude photos.
having my photos exposed and  being posted on Gay Diaper sites.

Mostly looking for a women for a relationship. Wouldn’t mind having sex with a guy though either would like to get fucked in the ass.

My Sexual Orintation is bit weird: I’m either Bisexual or Gay, or a Gay sissy
Pretty much I would rather have a relationship with a woman but would mind being fucked in the ass by a guy
Being degraded, humiliated and embarrassed .
Being called a Bitch, Pig, Skank, Whore, Cunt, Fuck Bucket, toilet, dog, Slut,mule,  Swine and being called a worthless dragon
Being called a stupid dragon, stupid dog, princess potty pants, pig,  or swine
Anyone want me to be their Toilet and urinate all over my body and face?
As well as poop on my body and fart on my face? And Ejaculate all over my face so I look like a whore.
And wouldn’t mind being gangbanged by 10 guys and being a cum covered mess

Also would like to be locked in a pillory outside to where there isn’t too many people nearby but could potentially be seen then would love to be given an enema outdoors and forced to shit myself while risk be seen by someone so I would feel real embarassed like someone driving by and seen. Then after I shit myself while locked in a pillory would love to be giving a nice hard spanking while risking having someone hearing my ass getting smacked then would like to be fucked in the ass while still in the pillory and have cum go inside of me

having my butthole pounded by a guy’s cock and cum going inside of me until it drips out my butthole then cum all over face so I look like a fucked whore that has been raped.
being gangbanged
Would like to know what it feels like to be fucked in the ass by a dog and have the dog knot me and wouldn’t mind if a dog peed on me either marking his territory on me and the dog owns me.

being a fuck toy

Feel free to photoshop my photos if you want to make it looked like I had sex with either a man, dog or whatever.
By the way seems like there are some fake accounts on this website
if there are any actual women on this site you’ll have to do better than that and try and prove that you are real.
by replying to one of my pictures or if you are interested in my profile masturbate to my pictures and show me a picture of your cum.
and would like a picture of you shitting in your panties and smearing all over your ass

need someone to control my poopy ass

Also currently looking for a Dominant daddy type looking to control me and degrade me.
Keep me diapers and get punished if I use them or don’t use them. Would like to be taken outside to a barn and get be tied up and have my butt whipped hard then be fucked in the ass.
Also would like to be bounced on the knee and burped and have my diaper checked.  And have my body be peed and pooped on would like to have someone make me their submissive bitch. And they can fart in my noise as well

Would like to take a dog’s cock in my ass well and be fucked by a dog, and hopefully they knot me also want a dog to pee on me and marking their territory on me showing me I am beneath them and would be nice if they peed on my dick wouldn’t mind if a dog pooped on me either.

Asswhorship, Cuntworship, beltwhippings(receiving), diaper check at the back, cum leaking from my ass, facefarting,  diaper enema,



Also feel free to send me a PM since it is unlikely I’ll send them myself, but I will reply to them if I know what it is I am go to reply. I might not always know what I am going to reply so feel free to ask about anything.

Turn Offs

fake accounts
Anyone under 18
Poop eating
Vore, vomit, candle wax, blood, (don’t even like typing some of this stuff)
Some other stuff too but I don’t even like typing it


Male, Female, Group

Seeking For...

Fetish Play, Sex, Other


Main interest
Pokemon, Video Games, Digimon, Yugioh, Dragons, spanking, diapers, enemas,  eternal darkness.

Favorite pokemon: Ninetales, Espeon, Articuno, Latias, Keldeo, Swanna, Snivy, Chikorita, Steelix, Absol

Moltres, Lycanroc

Also feel free to comment or share my pictures and tell me what you think or would like to do to me| username CynderKiryah

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