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    I’m sure you loved the feeling of the poop sliding out into your underwear. I know I love it…!

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    Coral and I had been Intimate partners for about 2 years. I had no idea she had any fantasies or ideas about filthy sex. But on some nights as I laid in bed beside her, she farted against my thigh and as I felt […]

    • amazing

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      Hot hot hot love the story more please iam hard after reading that

    • Lovely and hot!

    • I have never had an experience doing it in bed like yours, but I did do it once during a sleepover at a friend’s house.

      His house was huge and very old with lots of scary rooms to explore. Most of them had strange furniture that looked like it hadn’t been used for years and the doors creaked just to make it even more creepy. After his family had gone to bed, we began to tell each other stories but none of them where scary until my friends told his about the house, we were in. According to him a family had been murdered and had haunted the house ever since. The only time they came out was late at night to see who was walking around and chase them back to bed. His warning to not get out of bed until morning sounded very ominous, like it had happened to him. That wasn’t normally a problem for me but not long after we went to bed a huge big log began to let me know it was ready to come out. I wasn’t scared of the dark or ghosts, but my friends story gave me the perfect opportunity to pretend I was.

      Like my other two friends I was staying in room of my own with a toilet at the end of the longest hallway I had ever seen. I wasn’t at all scared of walking down to used it, but the perfect opportunity had presented itself to do it in my underwear. As I crouched down beside the bed and began to push the load into my underwear, I was amazed how great it felt and how big the logs were. By the time it was all in my underwear I was wide awake and also very excited, so I decided to go exploring. Part of the house was not being lived in and was out of bound, which was all the more reason to go and have a look. Sneaking around his scary house with a load in my underwear felt amazing, especially down in the basement where it felt like no one had been for years. Each room had something cool to look at so I spent what must have been hours, exploring and sitting try to work out what it was or did. My friend’s father was always experimenting and making strange things that seemed to have been left and forgotten about.

      If I got discovered or someone realized what was in my underwear all I had to do was pretend I was lost looking for the toilet in the dark. My friends mum had also heard the stories we had been telling and warned us to stop before we scared each other to much. Both were going to be my perfect excuses for what I had done but to my surprise no one woke up the entire time. By the time I got back to my room the load had been in my underwear for hours so cleaning up was not going to be easy, and a check of my underwear confirmed that. Having a shower at the time of night was bound to get someone’s attention so instead I decided to just go to bed and wait to morning. I was sure an opportunity would present itself to clean myself up without getting noticed, but that’s not exactly how it worked out.

      Instead of waking up early like I planned my friends mum woke me by saying, “wake up ***** breakfast is ready, everyone is waiting for you”. To make it even worse she stood there waiting for me to get out of bed and even an excuse to sleep in didn’t work. When I got out of bed, I was sure she was going to realize what I had done but to my amazement she seemed to have no idea at all. When we got to the dining room with the biggest table, I had ever seen and sat down I was sure I was about to be discovered but again to my amazement no one seemed to realize. By the time we finished breakfast I was quite confident no one knew what I had done so I decided to risk it even longer.

    • I’m sure you loved the feeling of the poop sliding out into your underwear. I know I love it…!

    • It did, crouching down in the dark beside the bed in a creepy old house was already scary but in an exciting way. Once the logs began to push into my underwear it was like all my sensors went into overdrive and it seemed like every nerve in my body has switched on. I could feel every part of the load as it pushed hard against my skin and underwear. I had never done it in that situation before, but I was now committed and was determined to enjoy it as long as possible. Not knowing what was going happen next really excited me and was something I had discovered really turned me on. None of the rooms had door locks so anyone could have waked in catching me in the act. It would have been impossible to explain my way out of it, but that just made the experience even more exhilarating.

      Sneaking around the house felt great but I also knew what sitting was going to do. For me sitting with a load in my underwear was total commitment and the point of no return, so I began to imagine when and where that was going to happen. I also know what sitting did to my self-control and part of me didn’t what to go that far. The other part of me wanted to experience how amazing it felt, and the temptation eventually got to strong. Sitting also meant the point of no return and by the time I got back to my room I had gone well beyond my other sitting experience.

    • @Airborne how long did you end up staying messy and were you caught?

    • I didn’t get to bed until around 1:00am, maybe later. An inspection of my underwear confirmed cleaning up was going to be a challenge. Sitting down at the table in the morning with a load in my underwear felt amazing but I was sure someone was going to notice. I couldn’t smell myself but the only thing keeping my underwear hidden was a thin layer of material. To my surprise everyone seemed oblivious to what was in my underwear and that made me want to enjoy it a while longer. Not long after breakfast one of our friends suggested we go to a local shopping mall and I liked that idea. The problem with that was some of the hottest girls at school where there. Suddenly seeing how long I could wear my underwear didn’t seem like such a good idea.

      We usually always went swimming on the weekends at some stage and it wasn’t long before someone made the suggestion. Our usual place to go had a couple of old deserted building nearby so before I went swimming, I snuck in one of them and left my underwear in one of the rooms. On one seemed to notice so I felt quite pleased with myself knowing what I had gotten away with. Everything was going to plan until one of our friends suggested we go exploring in the old buildings. It didn’t take long for my underwear to get discovered as well as the other couple I had left there at different stages. All I could do was pretend to be a shocked as my friends at the discovery and hope no one realized they had belonged to me. None of them did but when I think about it now, they probably had their suspicions. We were in high school at the time and a few months before I had been discovered during an excursion.

    • Thats awesome! Wish I had encountered you at that age!

    • dukeofearl67, At the time I had just started high school and was quite secretive about what I did. After a while the thrill of doing it began to overpower the risk of being discovered. That began to happen more and although embarrassing it was also exciting. The best part was I began to encounter people that either did it themselves or liked what I did. One of the first was a teacher that gave me “detention” after first confronting me in front of class. That was quite embarrassing, but I soon discovered what her detention really meant and how much she liked “dirty boys”.

      I have discovered people you least expect are the ones more likely to be into it. One of them is a friend’s wife that seems quite snobbish, is always perfectly dressed and very attractive. It wasn’t until I stayed with them after moving interstate that I discovered she had a “very” kinky side. Another was the landlord of a house I rented when I was about 25. I began to wonder if she was going into my house, then got confirmation from my neighbor that’s exactly what was happening. When I checked around the house, I was shocked at what I found and embarrassed knowing what she would have seen. I didn’t know what to think until she made her intentions clear.

  • I had met Helen on a dirty matures website. She was 61 and married but was looking for an outlet for her dirty fantasies. She told me she was attracted to my profile because there were things that made us a […]

    • Good

    • great story – loved the messy shit filled panties – sucking and rubbing the shit in them. I do the same –
      I love to play in my sexy lace and nylon shit stained panties – for many years. Looking for someone to share some shit fun with
      thanks for the story

  • “I want to do poos in my panties” gets me hard…

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