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Sexual Orientation


Body Type


Pubic Hair

Shaved or waxed to be gone

Turn Ons

Panty pooping
Bikini pooping
Speedo pooping
Skinny jeans pooping
Big loads
Permanent poop stains/discoloration on undergarments

Turn Offs

Everything scat (or any sexual acts with poop)
Boxer briefs
Saggy loose underwear
Role playing
Photos of poop by itself (on the floor, in the toilet, etc)
Other people’s poop in real life
Validation seeking (if I like your content, I will comment on it)

Seeking For...



I have a fetish where I get very turned on by the idea of a massive amount of poop filling into tiny tight underwear or swimwear.  I’m incredibly specific about what turns me on.


I also get very turned on by pooping my pants, but only if I’m wearing light colored uncomfortably tight skinny jeans.


I only poop myself if I can record it for my own pleasure.  My fetish is not fulfilling to me without this, and I will not do it otherwise.


I enjoy messaging people on here and talking about the fetish.  I can’t respond to every long message though, so apologies in advance.


Please don’t feel the need to reciprocate anything if you like my content.  I’m perfectly fine being turned on by the fact that my content gave you arousal.  I probably won’t be into your content, and I don’t want to hurt your feelings by saying so.


I’m bisexual, and am mostly into women in everyday life, but prefer men when it comes to this fetish.  A big poop bulge in the back and a hard-on bulge in the front is a VERY sexy visual.


I’m not into the idea of ever meeting up with someone because other people’s poop grosses me out in real life.  I have a fantasy of filling my skinny jeans while sitting on a guy’s lap, but that’s it. Nothing sexual.


No kik or other apps.  I’m only on this site.  IF YOU SEE MY UPLOADS ON ANOTHER SITE, THEY ARE STOLEN WITHOUT MY CONSENT.  Please do not come here expecting any nasty thing a catfish has said to you on other sites is any reflection of me.  You will be disappointed.



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