• jumpers posted an update 3 days, 13 hours ago

    a comment:

    “what’s” new? what’s old?

    “….is now your admin” “is” not “now” our “admin”!

    just wondering who made you an “administrator” (your own self?!)

    “….that’s great” “that’s” not so “great”!

    “the number one community….” what arrogance, not so number “one”!

    “….dirty fantasies into reality” those are not “fantasies” “into” “reality”

    “nothing” “that” “can” “identify” you “clear” “as” day?! how about nothing that can identify you clear as night

    “another day with….” wasn’t “another” day “with”

    and instruct them not to eat the shit

    the shit is not “food”

    explaining the obvious again damn it!