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Note:  I have stopped accepting friend requests unless your profile has something of substance that might pique my interest.  I’m not trying to be an asshole; it’s just that I get a lot of requests from people that have absolutely no content whatsoever.  I have no idea who you are or what you are into.  You don’t even have a profile pic, just an emoji.  I have met many amazing people on this site, but please have something to add or I will simply ignore your request.  Sorry; that’s what it is going forward.

I used to really enjoy pissing and shitting my pants when I was younger. I would handcuff myself and pretend I’d been kidnapped and denied the use of a toilet. Although I still occasionally indulge myself, I have discovered that the real turn on for me is forcing another guy do it against his will (or him pretending it’s against his will). I like to have the control over his bodily functions. My preferred method is bondage. To me there is nothing hotter than a good looking guy tied up, struggling and fidgeting as he tries desperately to hold it, only to lose control and mess himself. I’ve discovered that the bondage sites and have a number of videos with a desperation theme. Unfortunately, none of them go beyond that. I would love to see one that goes all the way. I’m not into diapers because they’re too neat. I prefer the sub’s humiliation as he messes his clothes. I’m not really into mushy or runny shit, although I can appreciate the desperation of it. I’d much rather see and hear a guy pushing and squeezing out a hard, firm one. I find the concept of a guy being constipated really hot.I think farting is about the best thing ever, and it’s something I do a lot. I also love to hear and smell other guys farting. I am into uniforms of various sorts; police uniforms being a particular love of mine. I also like football, baseball, wrestling singlets, firemen, and suits. A kidnapped guy dressed in any of these would be really hot, although a nice pair of jeans isn’t so bad either. I love to fuck a guy when he has a huge dump pressing at the back door. I realize that is going beyond the scope of this web site, but it’s a turn on for me anyway. There’s nothing hotter than pulling apart a guy’s cheeks, seeing a hard turtle-head poking out of his hole, and pushing my dick against it. I have written a couple of stories that outline many of my kinks. One is pure fiction, and the other I wrote about a former boss of mine. I made up the story, but some of the circumstances are real.I don’t really have a type when it comes to men. I like ’em all. I do prefer a man who embraces his masculine side. That does not mean straight-acting. It just means that although I’m a gay man, I’m still a guy and enjoy being one. I’m not turned on by extremely feminine guys. My apologies to those that are. It’s nothing personal. That’s just what lights the fire, so to speak.Okay, I’m done rambling now. Thanks to those that had the patience to read this far. Keep up the good work all you hot,messy men


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