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Unshaved; Normal

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Accidents, desperation, pee pants, unintentional public wettings.

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Phony videos and pictures that are not realistic. Don’t be a lousy actor.



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Friendship, Relationship, Fetish Play, Other


Love having/seeing public accidents; also occasionally wearing diapers. Might be fun to have a “son”” who has accidents and wets his pants a lot, especially a son to share life with. I’m also academic, and generous by nature, like to help young people and others, especially academically. I read a lot and I love movies. I have a life besides here.

About my uploads
First, I am a 100% gay male so, (sorry ladies and straight guys), all I have to upload are guy pics and videos and stories.

Like all the other uploaders here, I upload what I like, and that means guys in wet pants and desperation, not poo. I poop myself at home once in a while, it’s just that pics and videos of the actual poop are kind of a turn-off for me. But hey, if that’s your thing, cool! We’re all different, and my pee stuff may be a turn-off for you, so each to his own. And having said that, a video of a cute guy having a realistic poop accident in public, hand going to his butt and a look of horror on his face, would be hot for me. I just want the poo to stay in his pants.

As to wetting pics and videos, I’m into desperation as well as wet pants, so seeing a guy squirming and maybe surreptitiously squeezing his crotch now and then trying to hold it, while slowly getting wetter and wetter, occasionally looking down while no one is watching to check on the damage – that is my ideal video or pic. It is my ideal because it is realistic; that’s what usually happens in the real world, at least for me. When I have a real accident in public I never flood all at once, and I’ve never seen it happen that way for anyone else. You might suddenly lose a squirt, maybe even a large squirt, but then you manage to squeeze it off. But having said that, occasionally I have uploaded pics and videos of a flood, mostly because I know some here like them. And a flood might be credible if it happens from extreme fear (like that famous scene in Final Destination).

All my uploads are pics and videos that I have collected over the years from the net. Only a couple are actually me. That is because it has been decades since I was a slim, sexy twink, plus I’m not very skilled at taking pics and making videos. If I can’t make something good then I’ll make nothing at all. My stories, on the other hand, are my own. Creating good fiction is a skill that I do have, so if you like wet pants fiction, check out my stories.

And finally, let me comment about acting and script writing. For me a pic or video (especially a video) fails if the subject can’t act. Think how you would be if you were having a real public accident. If it happened to me (and it has) I’d be trying to hide it, with an embarassed look on my face; I sure wouldn’t be prancing around showing it off to the public. And there has to be a realistic story behind the action as well, otherwise it just looks fake. I hate fake. Fake makes it impossible for me to suspend disbelief, so the story fails. Remember that it is the job of the reader/viewer to suspend disbelief, but it is the job of the author/creator to make it possible for the audience to suspend disbelief.

And finally, I’m a really nice guy, generous to a fault, and I love everyone, regardless of kink or lack of kink. I don’t agree 100% with everything that management here does, but then I don’t agree 100% with much of anything. It’s still an awesome place and it has my complete support.


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