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    - "had a interesting experience yesterday. I made an appointment to have a Colonic at a wellness center/spa. I showed up for my appointment and was greeted by a nice soft spoken woman who took me back to the room […]"View

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    - "@dirtydiaperprincess incredible photoset Krissy!!!!!!!! thank you so much for your amazing stuff!!! since few weeks, i know an amazing “future-girlfriend” into my fetishes, she’s living in the south of […]"View

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    - "Ha! Nothing is new here! Nobody shares anything new! I’ve shared all I’m willing to until others share. Come on people!"View

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    - "Already back to asking for premium memberships when there’s only like 5 people active per day? For fucks sake."View

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    - "Struggling to hold it in!!"View

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    - "@mypoopstinks just wanna say you are a true scat freak, my favorite kind of freak. What you do, your stories, experiences, your preferences for this fetish – i wish i could be you on some days. That feeling when a […]"View

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    - "@domemommy4u wish i would live in new york, you could make me have an accident anytime, also in public 🙂"View


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