Mega diaper poop

So I woke up knowing I wanted to do a huge poop in my pants today. But I usually poop in the morning, and I had work all afternoon into the night. But I could feel the load brewing in my butt and I knew it would be big.

I work at a coffee shop, so once I got there it was only a matter of time till I had some coffee. I started on a cup while I talked to my coworkers. I could feel the urge to poop growing but held tight. They left eventually, and it was pretty slow the rest of my shift. After we close, I have to clean everything spotless and it takes quite a while (I work by myself mostly)

So I finished all my cleaning duties, bursting to poop. Once I finished, I went into the bathroom and put on a diaper I brought with me. I let out a little pee but wanted to see how long I could hold the load.

I got home and was pretty hungry even though my butt was in so much pain. I woofed down a sandwich super quick, and then I knew it was the end. I squatted down in front of my bed and pushed and my huge poopy started to come out. First one big ball, then another, and ANOTHER. My diaper was completely filled with a massive pile of warm stinky poopy. My butt felt soo good. Then I bent forward and slowly wet my diapey with a ton of piss. I pulled up my pajamas and started rubbing my huge diaper all over.

I was standing there, a grown boy, with a massive stinky poopy in his wet diapey. I pushed the awesome stinker against my butt and felt my warm mess rub on my butt. My dick was so hard, pressing against my warm pissy diapey. I spit on my hand and put my hand down my diaper and started rubbing my cock while bouncing up and down on my poop. It wasn’t long before I was squirting white, hot load into my diapey to join my pee and poop. Then I pulled my pajamas back on and started playing some video games.

I’m actually still sitting here, in my loaded diaper, feeling the super stinky poop sag from my butt hole and peeing some more in my diapey. Ugh it’s so sticky and warm still. And the front is steaming hot from all my pee.

I’m such a big, dirty baby. I think I’ll squirt another load of stickies into my diapey before I give myself a change

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