Meeting A DL

I met a new DL friend on another site (fetlife) who lived near me and for the first time since I decided to meet someone who is also a DL . We set a time and date and met in a public parking lot ( who said Walmart is for shopping ) . Decided to go over to a park he said was near by and talk some . When we got to the park I gave him sone pull-on’s he had been asking about and he put them in his truck . We walked to a bench but a lake ( I did note there were a lot of police around ) . We talked for about 15 minutes sitting and then decided to walk around the lake a few time . I had shown him part of my diaper and he said he was in a ( 24/7 dry ) brand but did not show it . Was we walked he told me how He got into diapers and loved to see try and steel baby diapers from diaper bags when he could . I told him I was a total DL but did like a few AB things but really not into it too much . I kept noticing more police around but it looked like they were doing so sort of training there . I felt very comfortable with him and we went around the lake like 5 time before I said I was too wet to walk any more . at that time we went our own way and said we would chat on – line soon and I went to the rest room and changed out of my soaked wellness brief and but on a fresh one for the ride home and once again noticed more police around in cars near where I was changing  . I drove home happy . it was not until after 5 days later and me sending him two messages on the web site we met  and a text that he never answered that I figured he must have been a cop looking for a pedo freak . 

The only good thing is that now I am open to meet other DL’S since even though the meeting did not work out I did it and now I can do it again . 

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