Met a fellow pants pooper at the gym

I went to workout this afternoon and I see this guy doing some type of bizarre tumbling. Not fat but by not real,y tone. You easily see his tightly whiter brief lines through his white shorts. You could also easily see he has shit his pants more than a few times. I followed him into the locker room where started to change. I asked him his name replied “Brian”. I then. Said “ well Brian. You might want to get some new briefs some bleach. The shit stains in your briefs are showing through you shorts!” He said what are you talking about , when I pulled out a fresh pair of my briefs with shits stains ground in. I said I was incontinent but I do enjoy It sometimes., and then asked him what his deal was. He said he just is accident prone but admits he likes when he fills his briefs particularly laying down or sitting so it flow up in the pouch around his stuff. I wa in heaven I said me too!

I said that’s a nice bulge you have I front there my a hold it.? His big. Alls were sifting in my hands as his cock got heard he started creeping my package too. Just then I heard some cracleimg and farting noises. Brian had messed his briefs with me holding his cock and a

I jerked back and said what are you doing? We can’t do this here I the locker room.! Rain replied too late and that I had to mess mine so he wouldn’t be the only one.

Just as spirt some precut I pushed a health load out.. I ‘m of fuck what do we do now! I said quick let’s dress I’ll mettle our at the handicapped bathroom. Once inside I licked the door. Neither one of can walk because our briefs are so fool. I to,d him to turn around and. I. Led on his rear as I inspected the damage in his diaper. It was quite a load It realativlelyy firm.. I said good now let’s empty our diapers in the toilet then get in the shower to clean up . We both got in. Inlathered Brian up snf scrubbed him down good. I slid my hands down his chest to his package. In specter ibis cock and check to mak sure there was no shit. Stuck to the back of his balls. He was throbbing and grew another b 4 inches to make him 8 and his balls were full he needed to cum bad so I gent,y place his tool in my mouth and sucked him good. He whimpered as he shit a huge load if spunk in my mouth.. after I drained him I asked hpif he felt better. And l prodded his head with big grin.

He started to soap me up with my entire byr still soiled briefs on . I told him I don’t think I’m finished. Brian saud don’t worry I’ll take care of that. As he took my chick in his mouth. I jerked and filled my briefs as he made me cum.. now I’m in messed. Wet and cum filled briefs when someone knocked At the door. Brian yelled just a iminute

We got quick Brian was clean and fresh and fI was a wet shitty mess.. I said grab everything a pampers out if my bag.. I slid it up over my load in. My briefs and Soaked briefs on? body can thee a short and t shirt on. And now a very tight pair of shorts. Brian did his best to shield me but everyone knew .

We hustled outSide side when I giot another cramp
and fill ed my briefs to almost over flowing ‘Brian! Look what you made me do in my diaper ‘What” Brian said . you look sexy you big stud. I love watching you load shift from side to died as you walk . An I love hive

How you wear you tiny briefs over your diaper .Like they are hiding it! Big boys mess their pants too, Let me feel thar big package.” I turned around like a little boy having his diaper checked. “ no no I want the package in font. He grinned. You fill them well. It looks like you peed your diaper but it’s just your bull balls and big cock.,

Yeah they are a bit tight there but I like my diaper tight, I dint want anyone to see, plus they lot better.

“Babe. You aren’t wear diapers to win a body building contest, you wear them because you can’t keep your undies dry and clean like a toddler.Your just a very big muscular toddler!

Brian was falling for me. He had always been watching me at the gym, but so did l lot of people, seeing as I was by far the strongest guy in the gym.. I was okay with that I liked Brian too he was a smaller guy and like to be the big prtector. He wasn’t ripped but he had a nice athletic body that just needed a little tune up., but II was happy with the way he was, it would be fine if he never went to the gym. He had nice briwn shoulder length hair I like to smell to get his scent , pretty blue eye a great smile. He got a great ass and was decent sized. He filled pouch in his undies well ,but it wasn’t obnoxious either. I like more sport bike briefs just because thy look hot hold your junk well and display it nicely. Brin made an od pair of FTL’s look amazing. I’m going to buy some nice ones.

Too be continued

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  1. Wow that must have been great. You will have to keep us updated with how it progresses.

    A few months ago, I wrote about an experience I had with a girl that lived next door to me, the story was “Have you ever had the realization someone might know what you do”. Since then we have become quite friendly and she told me I was the one that first made her wonder how it felt to poop in her panties. She is much younger than me and was still going to school when she lived next door to me with her family. At that time, I had no idea she knew where I hid my spare keys and often broke into my house while I was at work. According to her she discovered I pooed in my underwear soon after I moved in and became fascinated with it and eventually tried it herself. After that she began to do it more and more and mostly while she was in my house. Her admissions have been quite astonishing but also quite exciting knowing the things she used to do while I was at work.

    Since we reconnected, we have had some great experiences and she seems quite keen to explore and experiment. She told me she that when I lived next door to them, she imagined all sorts of scenarios and seems to now want to play them out. When I lived next to them, I often had drinks with dad and according to her she used to intentionally make my drinks stronger and stronger. That was probably true because there were quite a few times I work up in my house nude, with no recollection of how I got there.

  2. Very cool that will be fun to role play naughty boy pooped his Ionesco undies un the histopital fir example.

    I just had a funny morning. I go no sleep, I’m incontinent from a botched back surgery 3 years ago so it’s not that outrageous. But I had a giant load in my pants last night so thought I would be ok just wearing briefs (tiny ones like a bodybuilder posing trunks. I got up peed rpthrn leaned over the sink still half asleep and shit my pants I bunch cane out the side onto the floor (thank good tile.) so I tried to cup my load and make my way to the shower with out spilling more, I’ll never learn. I don’t want to wear diapers all of the time so I try to plan ahead which always ends up with dirty undies

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