Me and my girl

i must add this as i had a really great time with my girlfriend tonight. Wnally moved into our own apartment so tonight was our first night. Seeing as we had a new bed we just had to break it in. So Kirsty (my gf) waited till she had to pee and poop real bad, then she got into bed and let go. Instantly the pee spread across the sheet, soaking the mattress underneath, then came her poop. it seeped out from under her bottom and between her thighs, it was soft mushy poop, she squirmed around in her mess then she asked to sit on my lap facing me. once she was straddling me i got very horny indeed, so horny i soaked my boxers and the front of her stomach in my pee, she was so turned on, she started squirmiing and to my amazement she pushed out the biggest load of poop ive ever seen right on my lap. she bounced her bottom around in it for a while smearing it over my legs and boxers, then she laid on her back and asked me to give her oral, obviously i obeyed, i love her so much and would do anything for her. whilst ilicked she made some more poop, it went all over my face, i was so turned on and horny i didnt even realise i was pooping my own boxers. when kirsty was done i sat up, squishing poop all around my whote boxers and all over the bed. It was amazing esp as i didnt even realised id filled my pants. kirsty told me id been a naughty boy, she spanked me on the bottom making sure all the poop in my boxers smeared everywhere. obviously the clean up was a pain but ive never had so much fun. right now i am sitting wearing a diaper whilst i type, ive taken some lxatives and hope to wake up to a smelly diaper in the morning, kirsty is already asleep and her diaper is looking kinda full already. Ieets will need to be chanhged again in the morning 🙂

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