Me and my friend Toby (Made up)

So I was at school and I got a friend called Toby. This where it starts

Toby: Hi!

Me: oh hi Toby you look sick….

Toby: yeah I eat something that did not go well…..

*Few hours later after school*

Toby: uhhhh my tummy does not feel good….

Me: go in the bush then.

Toby: I don’t know how…..

Me: are you OK??

*Toby diarrheas he briefs*

Toby: n no…..

Me: did you diarrhea yourself??

Toby: yea..oh god no..,

*More comes out for 20 seconds*

Me: let’s go to your house….

Toby: OK….

*At his house*

Toby: all clean.

Me: I got to go so cya.

Toby: cya

( When we were going home more came out and he went to the doctors and it was his bowels so now and then he diarrheas himself at school)

(Made up please remove if not allowed)

(Copyright 2018)

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