Me and my best friend

Me and my bff were playing truth or dare. She asked me truth or date and being the risky kid I am, I said dare. She dared me to take my panties off and put a diaper on and use it all day. Now, my parents were out for the whole day, so we could do what we wanted. I put a diaper on, but I didn’t really have to poop or pee. She grabbed laxatives and gave them to me and a couple bottles of water. So a few minutes later I had to pee so badly. I told my bff and she said to do it. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and relaxed as I let all the pee come out. Then I had to poop. My bff new and said a dares a dare. So I squatted down, and pushed as hard as I can and mountains of poop came out. MY diaper was bulging out of my shorts. My friend laughed and she told me it’s my turn to ask her. She said dare. I dared her the same thing, but in her panties. She took her shorts off, exposing her light green panties. She pushed very hard, and poop rush out, filling her panties so quick. Now I had kinda a thing for my best friend. So we both knew we had a thing for each other. We jumped on each other and started kissing. She grabbed my diaper and started squishing the poop around my butt, and I did the same to her. I later got a text from my mom saying her trip got delayed and she wouldn’t be home for another week. Me and my bff ran to my bathroom and we showered together. We both hopped in my bed in only a tank top and panties. I had purple panties and my bff had yellow panties. We cuddled and kissed until we both had to pee. We peed in our panties and fell asleep while holding each other’s wet butts.

Sorry if this is bad, I’m not the best at writing on a phone and before u ask, this is a real thing that happened

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