Mate messed himself

I was about 15 at the time and had been into messing for a long time, would often do it on my way home from school, but thought i was the only one, on this paticular day i met up with a friend, Gary he was wearing tight white jeans and we were going to the woods about 3 miles away, this also entailed crossing a small river which had a fallen tree across it, we would get over the river by putting our legs either side of the tree and move ourself across, as we were walking towards the woods i became aware of a smell, i mentioned this and Gary said it must be in the fields somewhere, we carried on and i thought no more about it, when we got to the tree to cross the river Gary suggested we walked further upstream to avoid the tree, this added about a mile to our walk but i agreed, Having crossed over in the shallow part we walked uphill to the woods, we stopped and sat on a gate for about 10 minutes chatting when i became aware of the smell again, we then went into the woods. We went to these woods as there was a long mud slide and we would use a homemade sledge to go from the top to the bottom and did this a number of times, a little further on was a large tree we liked to climb, Gary went first, as i followed closely behind i noticed a large brown stain on the back of his jeans, i new instantly and my heart missed a few beats, i said to him ” the back of your jeans are brown ” and he said he had fallen off the sledge and it was mud, at that point i was not sure what to say and so changed the subject ( ever wished you could turn back time ?)I could not take my eyes off his brown stained bum, we carried on and this time Gary did croos the river using the tree, by now the brown stain had spread and had even reached the front of his jeans and you could clearly see the outline of his balls stained brown through the white denim,we spent the rest of the day together and i was so turned on i eventually said you have definatly shit yourself, but he denied it and i left it there, however he did it again a few days later and this time admitted to it,he said he often did it and liked the excitment and feeling, he then suggested i try it which i did and pretended it was my first time, we spent the rest of the day in filled jeans and pants and did it a few times together after that, for some reason i never let on that this was also something i did reguarly, no idea why. Gary moved to Australia shortly afterwards and we lost contact. to this day white jeans and briefs are my favorite, i still get turned on by messing my pants walking home from town but these days i wear a coat to hide the evidence, i also like to get wet and messy at home and spend as long as possible in my filled pants and jeans. I have seen others who have clearly wet themselves the most recent was a guy on the London underground, but more about that another time. Has anyone else had a similar experience ? would love to hear about it.

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